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The Amazon ‘Treasure Truck’ tours Seattle with cut-price deals

For years, rumours of Amazon’s intent to establish a physical presence on high streets have circulated, but now the shopping giant has given the phrase mobile commerce a new spin with a ‘Treasure Truck packed full of reduced items.

Amazon today (Thursday 25 June) announced that it will tour Seattle neighbourhoods to offer consumers deals on their doorsteps in an interesting pilot from the firm.

Using the mobile app, consumers can pick certain reduced items from the van and arrange a pick-up at one of its many stops. The pilot is one of the ways the retailer is looking to bridge the gap between m-commerce and physical shopping.

A statement from the firm read: “Treasure Truck is part of the Amazon Mobile Shopping app you may already have on your mobile phone. If you’re in the Seattle area, open the main menu of the app and you’ll see Treasure Truck.

“Tap to see what’s on the Truck today, buy it, and choose where to meet the Truck to pick up your item. Don’t have the app yet? All it takes is a quick visit to the app store.”

The whole scheme could be nothing more than a PR stunt confined to Seattle – or part of something bigger. When Amazon gets its drone deliveries up and running such initiatives may seem archaic.

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