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Each week this section will aim to showcase the latest creative work to come out of not only the US but Canada, Mexico, and South America as well.

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VSA Partners: Kleenex 'Time for a Change'

Brand: Kleenex

Title: Time for a Change

Agency: VSA Partners

Agency Website:

Exec. Creative Director: Bob Winter

Director of Integrated Production: Lisa Gildehaus

Writer/Creative Director: Tohru Oyasu

Art Director/Creative Director: Rainer Schmidt

Additional Credits: Client Engagement: Adam Brown

Project Management: Ryan Paul

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Joaquin Baca-Asay

Producer: Lalou Dammond

Executive Producter: Emma Wilcockson

Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Matthew Wood

Assistant Editor: Dan Zabinski

Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter

Producer: Lauren Connelly

Audio: Another Country

Audio Engineer: John Binder

Music: Human

VFX: The Mill

VFX Producer: Adam Battista

Published: June 2015

Leo Burnett Chicago: Esurance '#EqualDreams'

Brand: Esurance

Title: #EqualDreams

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Creative Director: Brian Shembeda, Jeff Candido, AJ Hassan

Art Director: Rene Delgado

Copywriter: Jono Paull

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Matt Blitz

Producer: Adine Becker

Account Director: Susan Stefaniak

Account Director: CJ Nielsen

Senior Account Executive: Myco Nguyen

Prod Company: Native Content

Director: Tom Dey

Exec Prod: Tomer Devito

Line producer: Amy Turner

DP: Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

Editorial House: Cutters

Editor/Partner: Kathryn Hempel

Asst Editor: Marion Oliver

Producer: Patrick Casey

Published: June 2015

Havas Chicago: Craftsman 'Father Figures - Dad's Motorcycle Story'

Brand: Craftsman

Title: Father Figures - Dad's Motorcycle Story

Agency: Havas Chicago

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson

Creative Director: Shelby Georgis

Director: Chris Hainey

Copywriter: Zack Carlstrom & Justin Miller

Art Director: Mike Pearson & Rachel Bottlinger

Additional Credits: Account Director: Marisa Scime

Program Manager: Erica Johnson

Producer: Lauren Shawe

Published: May 2015

Chandelarrow Design Co.: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Identity and Packaging

Brand: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Title: Identity Development and Package Design

Agency: Chandelarrow Design Co

Agency Website:

Design/Creative Direction: Andy Morris

Photo Credit: Lisa Warninger

Published: May 2015

Johannes Leonardo: Sony's PlayStation Vue 'Wouldn't You'

Brand: Sony’s PlayStation Vue

Title: Wouldn't You

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officers: Jan Jacobs / Leo Premutico

Executive Creative Directors: Tom Martin / Julian Schreiber

Art Director: Verenice Lopez, Jerome Marucci

Copywriter: Devin McGillivary, Steven McElligot

Additional Credits: Head of Production: Cedric Gairard

Executive Producer: Sevda Cemo

Producer: Tina Diep

Associate Producer: Dustin Grant

General Manager: John McCarthy

Account Director: Marc Gellman

Account Supervisor: Adam Rubin

Planning Director: Jennifer Colman

Associate Strategist: David Ceng

Production Company: MJZ

Director: Fredrik Bond

Executive producer: Kate Leahy

Line Producer: Alicia Richards

DOP: Crille Forsberg

1st Assistant Director: Mark Taylor

Production Designer: Petr Kunc

Post Production Company: The Mill, Los Angeles

Exec Producer: Enca Kaul

Producer VFX: Will Lemmon

Producer Color: Antonio Hardy

Shoot Supervisors: David Lawson, Becky Porter

Creative Director: David Lawson

2D Lead Artist: Becky Porter

3D Lead Artist: David Lawson

2D Artists: Andy Dill, Daniel Lang, Anthony Petitti, Narbeh Maridossian, Patrick Munoz, Tara DeMarco, Steve Cokonis, Tim Robbins

3D Artists: Phil Mayer, Majid Esmaeili, Steven Olson, Matt Longwell, Martin Rivera, Mike Di Nocco, Aldrich Torres, Monique Espinoza, Itai Muller

Matte Painting: Andy Wheater

Motion Graphics: Justin Demetrician, Greg Park, Andrew Marks

Colourist: Adam Scott

Art Department Coordinator: Daniel Midgley

Production Company in Prague: Unit & Sofa

Exec Producer: Fady Saleme

Line Producer: Nikola Mohorita

Radio Production Company: Sonic Union

Founder/Engineer: Stephen Rosen

Executive Producer: Justine Cortale

Producer: Melissa Tanzer

Casting Director: Maria Pappalardo

Editing House: Union Editorial

Executive Producer: Caryn MacLean

Senior Producer: Susan Motamed

Editor: Patrick Ryan

Assistant Editor: Andrew Droga

Cutting Assistant: Melissa Geczy

Music House: Q Department

Composer: Drazen Bosnjak

Producer: Zack Rice

Assistant Producer: Guin Frehling

Mixer: Steve Rosen

Published: June 2015

Leo Burnett Detroit: United Way for Southeastern Michigan 'Food For Thought', 'Little Al' and 'Story Time with Key'

Brand: United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Titles: Food for Thought, Little Al, and Story Time with Key

Agency: Leo Burnett Detroit

Agency Website:

Campaign: Street Mentor

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Chavez

Art Director: Stephen Kerry

Copywriter: Matt Perry, Marty Muthuswami

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Brian Dooley

Production Company: Superlounge

Director: Jordan Brady

Editorial: Beast

Editor: Chris Chynoweth

Assistant Editors: Jason Stratton, Andrea Ramsay

Colorist: Company 3 ­ Robert Curreri

Finish Editorial (Food for thought): Method

VFX (Food for thought): Finish Editorial (Little Al, Put your money

in assets, Storytime with Key): Ringside Creative

Audio Mixing: Ringside Creative

Media: Zenith Media

Published: June 2015

Leo Burnett: Allstate 'Out Holding Hands'

Brand: Allstate

Title: Out Holding Hands

Agency: Leo Burnett

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Charley Wickman

Creative Director: Christopher Warmanen

Creative Director: Ed Odyniac

Creative Director: Ben Steward

Art Director: Lauren Wetula

Additional Credits: Producer: Peter Albrycht

Operations Director: Barbara Murphy

Strategist: Amrita Bhatia

Strategist: Kathryn Allen

Account Director: Bianca Bradford

Account Director: Daphne Jones

Account Executive: Jourdan Norman

Director, Business Analysis: Stephanie McCormick

Digital Production Company: Tool

Creative Directors: Matt Gase & Ben Priddy

Executive Producers: Chris Neff, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fusilier, Erich Joiner

Sr. Digital Producer: Chris Kaliszewski

Front-End Developer: Josh Beckwith

Technology Manager: Vincent Toscano

WebGL Developer: Felix Turner

WebGL Developer: Shane Mielke

Back-End Developer: Richard Mattka

Motion Designer: Seth Benson

Production Designer: Yuee Seo

Moderation: Webpurify

Published: June 2015

The Community: Rolling Stone 'The Steves'

Brand: Rolling Stone

Title: "The Steves'

Agency: The Community

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Joaquin Molla / Jose Molla

Executive Creative Officer: Ramiro Raposo, Fernando Sosa

Art Director: Fernando Zagales

Copywriter: Juan Mesz

Additional Credits: Group Account Director: Sebastian Diaz

Executive Account: Lucas Saez

Audiovisual Producer: Matias Castro

Responsible for the client: Branowski Bárbara, Paula Rottenbücher

Production Company: Barry Company

Director: Mariana Youssef

Director of photography: Adolpho Veloso

Director 1st Assistant: Elton Takii

Art Director: Guilherme Marini

Production Director: Tadeu Piantino

Wardrobe: Heloisa Cobra

Account Manager: Juliana Martellotta

Executive Producer: Krysse Mello

Editor: Alexandre Boechat / Rodolpho Ponzio

Post Production: Fulano Filmes

Post Production coordinator: Karina Vallesi

Post Production supervisor: Ale Cois

Post Production supervisor assistant: Sabrina Comar

Sound: Animal

Music Production: André Caccia Bava

Published: June 2015

Sweety Branding Studio: Goovi 'What's your vibe?'

Brand: Goovi

Title: What's your vibe?

Agency: Sweety Branding Studio

Agency Website:

Creative/Art Director: Isabela Rodrigues

Illustrator: Ariane Rauber; Alexandre Fontes

Additional Credits: Rafael Eifler, Isadora Schmidt, Elisa Bortolini

Published: June 2015

Sleek Machine: Indeed 'Working for the Weekend Rewrite'

Brand: Indeed

Title: Working for the Weekend Rewrite

Agency: Sleek Machine/Boston

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cawley

Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette

Senior Copywriter: Jeff Mariois

Senior Art Director: Jessica Ruggieri

Additional Credits: Music: “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy

Talent: Mike Reno

Director: Darcy Van Poelgeest

Production Company: Circle/Vancouver

Editor: Kat Baker/Element

Published: June 2015

Glasfurd & Walker: Mosquito Dessert Branding

Brand: Mosquito Dessert

Title: Branding

Agency: Glasfurd & Walker

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Phoebe Glasfurd

Art Director: Phoebe Glasfurd

Copywriter: Aren Fieldwalker

Photographer: Tigh Farley & Jason Scott

Additional Credits: Interior Design - Ste Marie

Published: March 2015

Short rationale: Mosquito have a simple offering- a champagne bar without the caviar and a dessert bar without frosting. Located in Gastown, Vancouver the small room contradicts the expectation of a traditional dessert bar - edgy with a fine balance of masculine and feminine details. The brand created by Glasfurd & Walker draws on the interior design details and adds a layer of sophistication and luxury through custom designed typography, deep colour palettes and accents of metallic finishing on printed collateral such as menu's, wallpaper and stationery.

Victors and Spoils: Midnight Moon 'Tales From The Moon'

Brand: Midnight Moon

Title: Tales From The Moon

Agency: Victors and Spoils

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Noah Clark

Creative Director: Pat Horn

Associate Creative Director & Writer: Brock Johnson

Art Director: Emilie Druss

Additional Credits: Account Director: Alex Kayne

Account Supervisor: Mike Dusman

Account Coordinator: MacGregor Brown

Social Insights Director: Sara Smith

Social Community Manager: Allison Gergley

Production Company: Stinkdigital

Executive Producer: Patrick Krulik

Producer: Luciana Alamo

Art Director: Satu Pelkonen

Animation House: LOBO

Executive Producer: Loic Francois Marie Dubois

Creative Director: Guilherme Marcondes

Producer: Amanda Queiroz Telles

Published: June 2015

Murray Brand Communications: Harvestland Redesign

Brand: Harvestland by Perdue Farms

Title: Redesign

Agency: Murray Brand Communications

Agency Website:

Project Director: John Murray

Design Director: Brad Berberich

Photographer: Michael Pohuski of Pohuski Studios

Published: May 2015

Droga5: Strongbow 'Fired'

Brand: Strongbow Hard Cider (Heineken USA)

Title: Fired

Agency: Droga5 NY

Agency Website:

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Creative Directors: Rick Dodds & Steve Howell

Copywriter: Matt McCarron

Art Director: Conor Hagan

Additional Credits: Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale

Broadcast Producer: Bill Berg

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer

Head of Strategy: Chet Gulland

Strategy Director: Dan Neumann

Communications Strategist: Kevin Wang

Group Account Director: Dan Gonda

Account Director: Nadia Malik

Account Manager: Ashton Atlas

Production Company: Caviar Content

Director: Ruben Fleischer

DOP: Dion Beebe

Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson

Executive Producer: Luke Ricci

Producer: Luke Thomlinson

Editorial: Work Editorial

Editor: Ben Jordan

Assistant Editor: Adam Witten

Executive Producer: Erica Thompson

Senior Producer: Sari Resnick

Post Production: The Mill

EP: Melanie Wickham

Producer: Giselle Bailey

Colorist: Mikey Rossiter

Lead 2D: Gavin Wellsman

CG: Ajit Menon & Christine Kim

Sound: Big Foote Music + Sound

Mixer: Matt Hause

Published: June 2015

Chad Michael Studio: Old Standard Moonshine Brand Design

Brand: Old Standard Moonshine

Title: Brand Design

Agency: Chad Michael Studio

Agency Website:

Creative Director, Art Director, and Copywriter: Chad Michael

Photographer: Rusty Hill

Published: June 2015

Short rationale: Innovated, designed, and named by the studio, Old Standard Moonshine is the world's first moonshine design printed on fabric. Each label is hand printed, stitched, and numbered for the local folk of Colorado. Old Standard's design is inspired by the past before the time whiskey was industrialized and when making whiskey was a craft truly done by hand. "For close friends and combustible engines."

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