Need to Know – The latest US media & marketing news: Vice and Unilever launch women's channel, Walmart drops Confederate flag merch & Lucky Charms go au naturel

Morning all, here’s a glimpse at all the media and marketing news you should know today.

1. Vice and Unilever have teamed up to launch of female-focused channel called Broadly, notes the Guardian. The multi-year deal will see the pair join forces to create a video-led platform spanning subjects such as politics, culture, sex and fashion.

2. Walmart is to cease selling Confederate flag merchandise, following calls for the removal of the symbol from the South Carolina’s capitol grounds after last week’s Charleston shooting. “We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer,” the superstore told CNN – who also put the question of Confederate flag to online retailers Amazon and eBay.

3. Snapchat, WPP, and The Daily Mail have just launched an ad agency, says Business Insider. The firms announced the news at Cannes Lions this morning. Titled Truffle Pig, the consultancy will offer positioning, messaging and content projects, as well as video, photography and social media management services.

4. Amazon has introduced an experimental payment model that would see authors paid not for every book sold, but for every page read of that book. NBC claims that the scheme is currently reserved for authors using the Kindle Unlimited and Lending Library self-publishing services, which provide books on demand for subscribers.

5. Google scooped the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes Lions yesterday, reports MediaPost. The tech giant took home the prize for Cardboard – its virtual reality product. Mobile Jury President Joanna Monteiro said the device is a “game changer” that will help “brands to engage with consumers at a higher level” going forward.

6. Facebook is now able to recognize you without even seeing your face. According to Forbes, the social network is testing an algorithm which is able to identify people by reviewing hairdos, clothing, postures and body shapes.

7. General Mills is the latest food brand to announce that it’s axing all artificial flavors from its cereals, writes USA Today. Trix and Lucky Charms are some of the products that will be getting an all-natural overhaul as part of a drive to “remove barriers” that prevent adults and children from enjoying the goods.

8. McDonald’s is targeting hipsters with a new burger bike tote, observes Mashable. The McBike, created by Tribal, is designed to carry a burger, fries and a drink and cyclists can hook the bag to their handle bars for long journeys .

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