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Arianna Huffington, Tim Berners Lee & Jimmy Wales imagine an internet-less world

Web stalwarts Arianna Huffington, Tim Berners Lee & Jimmy Wales have teamed up with Michael Bloomberg and Stephen Fry to star in a spoof video imagining what the world would be like today if the internet had never been invented.

Getting into the swing of things Huffington is seen doing a newspaper delivery round on her bike, clobbering unfortunate passers-by in the process.

Elsewhere AOL founder Steve Case is pictured delivering junk mail to offices with gusto and Napster founder Sean Parker works on his selfie connection by way of a polaroid camera gaffer taped to the end of a long stick.

Another scene sees Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales perform the role of a librarian who must deal with a reader who spots a mistake in a book, this prompts Wales to remark: “The next time you see a mistake, I’d like you to fix it yourself.”

The video was part commissioned by the World Wide Web Commission as part of its efforts to promote the internet as a positive influence on the world.

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