Unruly and Videology pair up to scale advertisers’ native ad ambitions programmatically

Video adtech firms Unruly and Videology have pooled resources to help scale clients’ native advertising video campaigns programmatically.

The deal will mean Videology’s UK clients can access half a billion monthly impressions via Unruly’s supply-side platform (SSP), which plugs into publishers including Hearst UK and IDG portfolio publications.

Videology advertisers can tap into Unruly’s proprietary Liquid Layout Engine, which automatically adapts the video ad to the design and layout of publishers’ desktop, tablet and mobile sites.

Native video placements can be booked programmatically through the UnrulyX SSP and will appear within its In-Feed player, which begins to play once scrolled in-view, with no restriction on video length.

Videology’s UK managing director, Rich Astley, said: “Native video and mobile are key growth areas in the digital advertising space, so we are delighted to be able to offer our UK clients access to Unruly’s premium supply of native video placements.”

"Videology customers can now buy UnrulyX inventory, giving them access to 100 per cent viewable, native video placements on hundreds of premium web site. In return, Unruly gets access to significant demand from Videology, the world's leading video DSP, meaning we can improve monetization for our publishers, improving fill rates and increasing yield," said Scott Button, Unruly CEO.