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Advertisers should shift focus to dads as 59% claim to control spending

Advertisers should look to skew more of their messaging towards dads after a report that six in ten (59 per cent) of fathers control their household’s spending power.

Of the 1400 fathers of children from 0 -15 years old surveyed by Carat's Consumer Connection System research tool, more than half (52 per cent) said that they are willing to pay more for good quality products.

Pushing celebrity influencers on dads is a wasted exercise, the report revealed, with only 15 per cent likely to buy a product endorsed by a famous personality. Three in ten (30 per cent) dads would trust a friend’s recommendation via social media more than an ad.

Dan Hagen, chief strategy officer at Carat, said: “This just goes to show that both mums and dads are important. For years marketing has focused on mums holding the household purse strings, but this research shows that dads have a fairly equal voice – and may be persuaded to pay a little more as well.”

Looking at media habits, fathers spend an average of 20 hours per week watching TV and claim to spend 19 hours online (16 of these hours on non-mobile devices and three hours on mobiles).

The findings also reveal how dads are using social media; 44 per cent of the fathers surveyed said they check content uploaded on social platforms at least once a week, 24 per cent claimed to do so at least once a day and 46 per cent of British dads said they are second screening in some way while watching TV.

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