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Greenpeace warns Nutella boycott won’t solve palm oil production issues

Greenpeace has urged environmentalists not to boycott Nutella chocolate spread over its controversial use of palm oil.

Following the French ecology minister Ségolène Royal stating on Canal+ that people “should stop eating Nutella… because it’s made with palm oil” because the cultivation of the crop causes substantial environmental damage, Greenpeace has jumped to the defence of Ferrero.

Arguing against a boycott of the chocolate brand, the environment protection charity stated that Nutella is one of the brands actually making steps to responsibly source its palm oil.

A Greenpeace spokesperson told Quartz that a “blanket boycott of [palm oil] crop will not solve problems in its production.

“We consider Ferrero to be one of the more progressive consumer-facing companies with regards to palm oil sourcing.”

Ferrero noted that its output a represented a “mere 0.3% of the worldwide palm oil production,” underlining the minimal impact a boycott would have.

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