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Mashable gives brand advertisers self-serve access to Lift platform

Mashable has released a new version of its Lift platform, which will allow brand advertisers to self-serve when it comes to purchasing Lift Units which appear on the Mashable news feed.

Lift allows advertisers to share their social assets from a variety of platforms – Vines, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others – on the site’s homepage.

“We are excited to be able to offer our brand partners real-time capabilities, which will allow them to amplify their own social channels with our community of hyper sharers who make Mashable a true social springboard,” said Seth Rogin, chief revenue officer of Mashable.

“Technology has been core to Mashable, and we continue to look to provide our brand partners with the best in class capabilities to reach our super sharing audience on the platforms they are using the most.”

Through the program, advertisers will have almost-instant access to Mashable’s 42 million unique visitors and 23 million social followers.