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Fifa's woes continue as it's reported over 60% of Twitter followers are 'fake'

Fifa has struck another own goal, this time in the realms of social media as it is revealed that over 60 per cent of its Twitter followers are "fake".

According to an investigation by digital marketing firm 8 per cent (548,800) of the scandal-hit, international governing body of football’s followers are fake accounts, with 54 per cent (3,704,400) accounts reported as being inactive.

Fake Twitter followers can be purchased on third party sites offering an instant boost of so-called ‘quality’ followers. However these accounts do not engage with the brand, which results in low engagement scores and misleading demographic data.

The investigation, which used data gathered from Status People’s fake follower application, also revealed that over 62 percent of former Fifa president, Sepp Blatter’s followers are either fake or inactive.

Recent reports found that 20 million (4 per cent) of Twitter’s 500 million registered accounts are fake.