By Seb Joseph, News editor

June 13, 2015 | 1 min read

Castrol has launched a video that shows wannabe racers what it’s like to hurtle around a real-life track at breakneck speeds but wearing a virtual reality helmet.

The “Virtual Reality” stunt sees Formula rift racer Matt Powers racing around a course in his Roush Stage 3 Mustang, blind to the world but fully immersed in a constantly changing 3D virtual world. A barrage of obstacles, from falling boulders and collapsing pieces of track to cliff drops and the threat of another racer, appear virtually and turn a somewhat bland scene of a car speeding round an empty track into something far more exciting.

The Brooklyn Brothers-created project uses virtual reality technology that responds to the driver’s and car’s movements in real time.

So why would a car look to create video-game like experience? It’s to show the superiority of cars that are powered by its Titanium Strong oil. In fact, Castrol thinks the oil is so potent that the only way it could convey that to drivers is to devise a series of challenges, of which “Virtual Drift” is the second.

Virtual Reality (VR) Castrol

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