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Goodfellas New York Review

Women go all Joe Pesci on New York Post critic after ‘Women don’t get GoodFellas' review


By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

June 12, 2015 | 2 min read

New York Post film critic Kyle Smith has invoked the wrath of social media users after publishing a review stating "Women don’t get 'GoodFellas'."

Smith drew his argument from experience stating that after watching the movie on VHS in 1991 with his at-the-time girlfriend, she dubbed it a “boy movie”.

The review, aligning with the 25 anniversary Blu-Ray release, said: “It’s not really a crime drama, like ‘The Godfather’. It’s more of a male fantasy picture - ‘Entourage’ with guns instead of swimming pools, the Rat Pack minus tuxedos.

“[The GoodFellas are] a small group of guys who will always have your back. Women sense that they are irrelevant to this fantasy, and it bothers them.”

Concluding: “To a woman, the GoodFellas are lowlifes. To guys, they’re hilarious, they’re heroes.”

Then going on to describe the movie as told by a woman: "Meet an at-risk youth called Henry Hill. Victimized by horrific physical abuse from an early age, and traumatized by the responsibilities of caring for a handicapped brother, he fell prey to criminal elements in his rough East New York neighborhood in a time when social-services agencies were sadly lacking.

"At an impressionable age, he became desensitized to violence when a gunshot victim bled to death in front of a restaurant where he was working. His turn to the mafia was a cry for help - a need to find a family structure to replace the one he had never really known."

You could say, it wasn’t funny…

Goodfellas New York Review

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