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Duolingo lands $45m cash injection led by Google

Duolingo, an app that promises to teach you to speak a plethora of languages, has just raised $45m in its latest funding found.

The funding was led by Google Capital, bringing Duolingo’s total valuation to $470m.

Duolingo promises to eliminate the need for costly tutors by teaching more than 10 languages using game-like lessons integrated.

"Now we’re focused on offering the best possible education to the maximum number of people in the world,” Duolingo chief executive, Luis von Ahn told Business Insider.

“In order to accomplish this, we are working to optimize the rate at which people acquire information, making the experience as entertaining as possible to help students persist, and we’re using machine learning to offer personalized learning experiences to each of our users.”

The Pittsburgh-based start-up currently has 80 million users.