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Which brands are UK Millennials' surprise favourites for 2015?


By The Drum | Editorial

June 10, 2015 | 6 min read

The thoughts of Millennials are at the forefront of consumer brand marketer’s minds, being to many the main source of revenue generation.

As a result, BETC London, in partnership with City University, has set up RAW, a diverse panel of 18-25 year-olds recruited to deliver their opinions in order to help the agency and its clients gain access to the thoughts of this group.

The Drum wanted to know what the most unexpected favourite brand of the year was so far and why – here’s the responses we received.

ShowMango, chosen by Clemence Carette, 19 (female)

If you are a music and party lover, this might be for you.

ShowMango is an all-new idea from a friend of mine. It uses a similar model to Netflix but instead of getting a choice of TV shows and movies, you have unlimited access to music events across London. They’re currently offering two events packages- one starting a £9 at month for unlimited gigs and one at £25 a month, which also includes more exclusive events.

Now that they have a presence in London, they plan to extend to other cities in Europe.

ShowMango membership is a must-have if you want to discover new artists and live a party lifestyle, without having to break the bank. Go get it.

Taylor Swift, chosen by Sonya Barlow, 22 (female)

Taylor Swift took the charts by storm, but it wasn’t just the songs and sassy lyrics which entertained the crowd – it was her simple, transparent and feminist agenda, which led her to be one of the most influential females in music.

Unexpected favourite? Yeah, purely based on her past music, style and overall agenda which didn’t relate to me … I wasn’t looking for a ‘Romeo’ as per say – but her lyrics today, style of music and the simultaneous movement of empowering females and independency – is clearly being reflected in her music and performance.

Her lyrics are driven by experiences and mistakes, which at the age of ‘22’ is something I can very much relate to. But it’s the new attitude she has that makes me think she’s just getting started….

Uber, chosen by Jance Manivasagan, 21 (female)

Two years ago, if you’d asked me how often I got a cab I would have said never, but Uber has changed all that. I really don’t need a ‘private driver but I probably use Uber about two to three times a week as the prices are good!

The most effective piece of marketing for Uber was the black cab strike against them! It forced people who don’t usually use an Uber to get one and ultimately highlighted its benefits. It’s so much easier to use an app than to physically walk outside and hail a black cab. And I love the idea that even I get to experience a bit of the ‘high life’, where I can sit back, connect my Spotify, share my ETA with friends and arrive at my destination, relaxed and ready to go.

Coach, chosen by Kartik Kalra, 21 (male)

My most unexpected favourite brand for this year would be Coach. I had been looking for a good backpack for myself since a long time but couldn’t find the “one”. I checked out all the good luxury brands like Burberry, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy. One day I was on Regents Street enjoying the sun, drinking coffee and suddenly it started raining heavily and because of the unexpected British weather dived into Coach. I had never been into one of their stores before, thinking it was a bit old and fusty. Somewhat drenched and disappointed, I had a look around. The whole collection and the ambience were very appealing. It was same but yet very different. The girl who helped me choose my bag explained me how the bag was made and what leather was used. I loved the whole experience and it is now one of my go-to fashion brands.

Sony, chosen by Bianca Avram, 20 (female)

I’m not a big fan of brands and I usually choose those that offer value for money over everything else. But recently there was one brand I couldn’t wait to buy.

Up until now, I haven’t been a fan of Sony’s products. It seemed to me like instead of coming up with an exciting, new product themselves, they were too focused on keeping up with trends already introduced to the market by their competitors. Well, their latest innovation finally changed that. The Smart Tennis Sensor, placed at the end of the racquet, carefully analyses your every stroke. Results are then beamed instantaneously to your smartphone through Bluetooth connection. This works perfectly for young people like me who love the game of tennis and want to improve, but don’t have the help of a coach. What truly made me love the product though, was its concept. It’s not attached to the player, eliminating any potential stress or discomfort; after a while you even forget its there!

Levi's, chosen by Adonis Fuyana, 19 (male)

My unexpected favourite brand is Levi’s. What initially got me into them was their collaboration with the camera app VSCO on urban cycling; where they created new photo filters to encourage users to express their stories of cycling to the community as part of their commuter collection. The brand was fitting into people’s active lifestyles rather than people fitting their lifestyle into the brand, proving they understand consumers.

But what makes them stand out from other brands is their commitment to innovation, improving their products and production to fit consumer needs and values, demonstrated through their videos highlighting their production practical benefits, design and manufacturing process. It showed how legit and progressive the company is; it’s not just about their image - they actually care. Plus their collaboration with Google for touch screen fabrics gives them extra cool points.

Levi's Uber Sony

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