Weetabix launches ‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’ to focus on brand's nutritional value

Weetabix has kicked off a £10m above-the-line campaign touting all its brand products at once - a first for the cereal brand.

The breakfast brand has moved away from its family-themed materials to widen its appeal with ‘Weetabix. Incredible Inside’. The campaign outlines the nutritional benefits of Weetabix with a new TV creative detailing how it interacts in the body.

Sally Abbott, group marketing director, said: “Nutritional claims are becoming background noise to many consumers. With news stories appearing everyday on what we should and shouldn’t eat, most consumers are left feeling confused and many are questioning how relevant these claims are and what they actually mean for them and their family.

“Incredible Inside’ helps put this into context for consumers in a compelling and inspiring way, connecting with them emotionally, and helping them understand the nutritional benefits of the Weetabix family of cereals in relation to the normal, everyday things their bodies help them do.

“We want to remind consumers that their bodies are incredible, and what they put into them should be too.”

This comes after Weetabix expanded its line with a limited edition Weetabix Strawberry as part of a collaboration with Comic Relief for Red Nose Day, in January.

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