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Wales moves to ban e-cigs in public places

Wales is set to ban people from using e-cigarettes in enclosed areas under new health legislation.

The law, scheduled to come into force in 2017, makes Wales the first UK nation to take such a stance against the product.

Announcing the bill, health and social services minister, Mark Drakeford, said: “The Welsh government has a responsibility to create the conditions which enable people to live healthy lives and avoid preventable harm to their health.

“Wales has a strong tradition of using legislation to improve public health and I am confident the measures in the public health bill will continue this.

The e-cig ban has has come under fire however.

Charity 'Action on Smoking and Health' (ASH), told the Guardian that there was little evidence e-cigs encouraged non-smokers to pick up the habit, adding: “We think they should be appropriately regulated. That does not include banning in public places.”

Vaping will be restricted from restaurants, pubs and the workplace under the Public Health Bill.

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