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Vice execs discuss what makes the brand “the voice of a generation”

Vice executives, Spencer Baim and Mike Germano spoke at the IAB’s Digital Video conference in New York today.

They shared what makes the brand, as a promotional video claims, “the voice of a generation.”

The first secret of Vice’s success, the pair said, is its younger employee base.

“If you were to come to Vice’s offices,” said Baim, the brand’s chief strategic officer, “you’d find 550 young people making content for themselves…as a result, its very authentic.”

Also, its vague exclusivity attracts more of an audience.

Germano, chief digital officer, compared the exclusivity of the brands initially printed magazines, only found in Montreal skate shops, to the exclusivity of the content it produces on platforms like Snapchat.

He called this “limited edition video.”

Historically, Vice hasn’t followed the same rules and formats as other media companies. Ultimately, this has worked in its favor, attracting younger consumers who don't connect with major cable news.

Specifically, the pair reminisced about the often echoed “three minute rule” when it comes to online video. However, after uploading thirty minute videos, Vice received millions of hits.

These components have amounted to more than just interesting content.

“We’re not just trying to put content on these platforms,” said Baim. “We’re trying to create a brand. We always say, every brand should act like a media company.”

Looking forward, Vice will target the young female demographic with an upcoming channel geared specifically to women. Entitled, Broadly it will be headed up by director of content, Tracy Egan Morrissey.