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Danish MP wants to tax the use of English words in ad campaigns

English language ads have become commonplace in Denmark to the extent that an MP has suggested taxing the use of English words in campaigns in a bid to preserve the Danish language.

The Telegraph reports that ad agencies are building their campaigns around the use of well-known English words and phrases – much to the disdain of the far right Danish People’s party.

Alex Ahrendtsen, culture spokesman for the party on advertisers told the publication: “We want to stop them speaking to us in English. It annoys me no end.

“I love our language. if you look at the size of the vocabulary, it’s one of the world's hundred biggest languages, so starting to communicate in a language other than Danish doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t get it and it annoys me."

The party however distanced itself from the policy suggestion, with Ahrendtsen becoming the butt of many jokes on social media and from political rivals.

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