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Brand of the day: Marvel

Welcome to Brand of the Day, where we pick the company making headlines for the day and explain five elements you need to know about what has happened for them to be in the news.

Today we feature Marvel, an iconic comic book brand that has spun off into multiple entertainment platforms and recently announced a massive relaunch.

1) The brand

Marvel Comics, formerly known as Timely Publications and Atlas Comics, launched in 1939. However, its modern image launched much later, in the early sixties. The brand has created some of the US’ most recognized and beloved characters. Its largest competitor is DC Comics.

2) The comics

The list of Marvel characters that have become household names is almost endless. However, some of the most recognizable names are Spider Man, Iron Man, the Avengers, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and the Fantastic Four.

3) Disney

In 2009, Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for just over $4bn. Four years later, Marvel began doing joint projects with other Disney-owned networks, including ABC, with which they produced a ‘Once upon a time’ graphic novel.

4) The spin-offs

While Marvel’s comics are still beloved, the brand spun off into other arenas to keep their characters alive. The brand now produces, games, collectable cards, toys and video games. Most notable however, are its movie franchises, which have earned more than $12bn to date.

5) The relaunch

Marvel has announced that it will relaunch its character lineup and certain storylines in the fall of 2015. The changes include female versions of well-known characters, including Spider-Gwen and Female Thor. Some costumes may also see an update. Relaunched titles will serve as follow-ups to ‘Secret Wars,’ which involves an explosion of the Marvel Universe.

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