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Uber’s Travis Kalanick admits ‘I'm not perfect and neither is this company’

Travis Kalanick, the head of ride-hailing app Uber, has made reference to the many scandals afflicting the company during its period of unstoppable growth into the world’s second largest start-up company.

Surpassed only by Chinese mobile firm Xiaomi, the $40bn-valued ride-sharing start-up has had more than its fair share of scrapes with the law, something Kalanick referenced during a speech at Uber’s San Francisco headquarters.

Commemorating the company’s fifth anniversary of its launch in the city on Wednesday, Kalanick said: “I can come off as a fierce advocate for Uber, I also realise that some have used a different 'A' word to describe me.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I'm not perfect and neither is this company."

Kalanick also plead to US mayors not to clamp down on the rapidly expanding firm because of “some outdated regulation” – referring to the issues the company is having with transportation licences globally.

Uber, which enables smartphone owners to summon a ride via a dedicated app in 310 cities, has been a major disrupter in the transport category.

As a result, the company has everything from New Delhi rape allegations, to Sydney terror attack price surges to allegedly operating without the necessary accreditation in many nations across the globe.

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