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Chelsea won the league but Liverpool FC top SEO table

Liverpool FC have the most visible website on desktop and laptop Google searches, trumping over Barclays Premier League champions Chelsea who come in at fourth place.

Ranked research from SEO firm Searchmetrics found that Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham had the most visible sites on desktop and laptop Google searchs.

Telling another story is mobile searches however, seeing Arsenal switch places with Liverpool and leading Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham.

Marcus Tober, founder and chief technology officer of Searchmetrics, said: "Premier League football clubs face increasing competition to attract fans to their official sites, rather than seeing them visit broadcasters, newspapers or other online destinations. Having a higher search visibility means people are more likely to click on their sites, giving clubs the chance to engage with them, sell merchandise, tickets and hospitality.

“Our analysis shows that many clubs are successfully optimising their sites in order to be found in searches, but success on the football pitch doesn’t necessarily translate into high online or social visibility. Indeed, teams such as Liverpool top the league for visibility, despite underperforming on the pitch this season, while champions Chelsea can only finish fourth.”

The story is different yet again across social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. On top is Chelsea, followed by Manchester, Arsenal, Manchester City then Liverpool.

“Social media is a major battleground for clubs looking to engage with fans, and the gap between top and bottom seems to be widening. Global brands such as Chelsea and Manchester United seem to be racing ahead, while smaller teams such as Crystal Palace and Stoke City are propping up the bottom of the social media performance table.” concluded Tober.

Desktop SEO

1. Liverpool (,44,395, 6th place

2. Arsenal ( 44,075, 3rd place

3. Manchester United ( 41,465, 4th place

4. Chelsea (, 23,909, 1st place

5. Tottenham Hotspur (, 15,627, 5th place

6. Manchester City (, 13,690, 2nd place

7. Crystal Palace (, 3,351, 10th place

8. Stoke City (, 2,732, 9th place

9. Southampton (, 2,213, 7th place

10. Swansea City (, 1,295, 8th place

Mobile SEO

1. Arsenal (, 47,776, 3rd place

2. Liverpool (, 44,333, 6th place

3. Manchester United (, 39,286, 4th place

4. Chelsea (, 23,259, 1st place

5. Tottenham Hotspur (, 15,799, 5th place

6. Manchester City (, 12,872, 2nd place

7. Crystal Palace (, 3,124, 10th place

8. Stoke City (, 2,690, 9th place

9. Southampton (, 2,032, 7th place

10. Swansea City (, 1,171, 8th place

Social media visibility

1. Chelsea (, 3.431 billion, 1st place

2. Manchester United (, 1.340 billion, 4th place

3. Arsenal (, 940.524 million, 3rd place

4. Manchester City (, 612.746 million, 2nd place

5. Liverpool (, 155.321million, 6th place

6. Tottenham Hotspur (, 136.198 million, 5th place

7. Southampton (, 19.463 million, 7th place

8. Crystal Palace (, 4.233 million, 10th place

9. Swansea City (, 3.408 million, 8th place

10. Stoke City (, 2.772 million, 9th place

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