Chandon reveals American-inspired summer packaging design

Sparkling wine brand Chandon has unveiled its limited edition summer packaging design based on an 'all-American' theme.

Designed by ButterflyCannon for the fifth consecutive year, the bottle design emphasises Chandon’s American heritage and is wrapped in the country's iconic stripes of red, white and blue.

Echoing previous editions, a nautical theme runs throughout the campaign, with current fashion trends an additional influence for the bottle design.

Each bottle has a satin label along with stitching detail to enforce a sense of layered textures.

Morgan Robbat, brand director, Chandon commented: “Our annual Chandon Summer campaign continues to create an overwhelming buzz, and ButterflyCannon have again managed to produce a pack design which is bold and chic and captures the engagement of our target audience, providing them with the perfect way to celebrate the summer in style."

For the first time Chandon and ButterflyCannon have introduced a Rose bottle variant, which uses hot pink to reflect the vibrancy of summer.