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AOL gives website a mobile-friendly makeover

Source: AOL

AOL has rolled out a revamped website to support video and mobile growth.

The updated site was designed to help better serve those who visit from across devices, particularly smartphones.

According to the company, its mobile audience makes up 38 per cent of the website’s traffic and has grown nearly 80 per cent since last June.

In addition to a fresh layout, the site will also deliver news and content based on real-time audience insights.

Maureen Sullivan, president of, said the new site will “deliver relevant content dynamically 24/7 across screens, adding value to the always-on nature of today's digital consumer.”

“Content is infinite but time is not. The key is to deliver what is most relevant, interesting and personalized to people throughout their day,” she said.

Last month, Verizon made a huge play into the ad tech space with its acquisition of AOL for $4.4bn, marking the most prominent investment from a telco into the ad tech arena to date.

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