The Welsh bus company behind the reviled 'ride me all day for £3' ads hits back with new message

New Adventure Travel (NAT), the Welsh bus company which received flak from social media users for its "sexist" and inappropriately raunchy ‘ride me all day for £3’ ads has referenced the campaign in its new tongue-in-cheek bus ads.

After the oddly sexualised images of both males and females offered an all-day ride for £3, sparking accusations of sexism in May, the company has referenced the botched campaign.

After the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a total of 45 complaints, resulting in the ads' immediate removal, NAT now has a passive aggressive message for commuters (pictured):

“For anyone in the world that missed it, it’s £3 to ride this bus all day!”

Kevyn Jones, NAT managing director, told Wales Online: “We have moved on and have made light of it in the best way we can.”

Here's the original ad and a link to the story in case you missed it.