Sex sells? Costa Rican beer ad resembles an erection when viewed from behind

Beer brand Republica Parrillera Pilsen has literally erected an eye-catching billboard ad -which resembles a penis.

The billboard, which looks like an erection depending on the direction commuters see it from, has been grabbing the attention of Costa Rican drivers.

When approaching the installation drivers see:

However, when passing, those taking a second look are treated to this:

Featuring in a 'crappy design’ sub-reddit, users couldn’t agree whether the ad’s visual similarities to a penis were intentional (and genius) or accidental (and foolhardy).

One Reddit user said: “Great design, in my opinion. Cars driving the other way will now look in their rearview as a double take, and see ad. By having something grab your attention in both directions, they have increased the size of viewership.

"Of course, if asked, they will say it was unintentional...”

Another sceptic added: “This will be played by the media and the company will increase its revenue, I'm almost sure about that.”