By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

May 27, 2015 | 1 min read

Nikon has hooked up a heart rate sensor and camera to Grizzler the dog to capture the moments of the day that excite him.

Using a photography method called Heartography, Grizzler the Border Collie would capture an image from a chest mounted camera every time he gets excited or happy, granting viewers an insight into the dog’s daily ups and downs.

On Heartography, a Nikon statement read: “Photos can capture the world's beauty within a single frame, and photographers translate what they feel into what others can see.

"With a device that reacts to increased heart rates, we can literally connect emotions to every photo.”

Grizzle's raised heart rate would set off the chest mounted camera via a Bluetooth connection. Nikon admitted that "due to Grizzler's high energy and active movements, several shots were blurred, so we only picked the best shots to be featured in this video".

Check out Grizzler’s work in detail on the Nikon microsite here.

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