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Netflix unveils ‘Fear of Missing Out’ FOMOmeter to map the UK's trending shows

Netflix has released a social media platform capable of measuring major UK and Irish cities' most discussed TV shows based on the tweets of their inhabitants.

The subscription-based video streaming company’s FOMOmeter (Fear of Missing Out) organises all the tweets about Netflix shows on a regional level to show the differing consumption habits of each city.

TV fans are encouraged to enter their tweets into the FOMOmeter by using the hashtag #NetflixUK, thus mapping the nation’s TV tastes.

Netflix states that Southampton is where most people tweet about Orange Is the New Black whereas Londoners are the most hooked on House of Cards.

In Glasgow, animated black comedy Bojack Horseman leads.

In London however, Blackfish, a documentary about a captive killer whale is the most discussed show at the moment.

Check out the FOMOmeter here.

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