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By Natalie Mortimer | N/A

May 26, 2015 | 2 min read

Brands looking to generate deeper, more engaging relationships with consumers will start to produce more "smart content" in the style of Amazon and Netflix, according to Critical Mass executive creative director Sascha Reeb.

Speaking to The Drum Reeb said that rather than "sticking their money in a campaign" brands will begin to develop slow burning products or experiences, such as Amazon Prime or Netflix's original programming, that will behave as the "best ad and the best campaign that you can have".

"There is going to be more and more of this developing smart content that is not necessarily going to work as fast and as furiously as a TV campaign used to work. It's going to be stuff that is going to grow over time and is going to build a bond with customers".

Speaking about branded experiences Del manning, creative director at Collider said that by nature human beings want to be involved in something and crave to learn from each other - a quality that brands should tap in to if they want to engage consumers.

"If you can create an experience and a crowd then people are attracted to that and they can engage with a brand," he told The Drum.

"In the past it used to be [brands would] just create an advertising campaign and some digital assets. Now pretty much every brand [is thinking] how are we going to create an experience that customers are going to engage with. I think that’s how brands help their customers love their brand as opposed to just like it."

Watch the full interview above, which also features TMW chief creative officer Gareth James.

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