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Twitter creates custom emoji hashtag for Taylor Swift as she debuts 'Bad Blood' music video on TV

Last night Taylor Swift debuted the music video for her hit song "Bad Blood" at the Billboard Music Awards which aired on ABC. For the first time Twitter created a custom emjoi for the official hashtag #BadBloodMusicVideo as part of the launch. This means that whenever you use that hashtag on Twitter via mobile a custom emjoi will automatically appear.

Swift has been promoting the premiere aggresively across Twitter since the beginning of the month. According to the social platform, "there have been over half a million Tweets sent about 'Bad Blood' and in the past 90 days, music fans have sent more than 6.6 million Tweets mentioning Taylor and #swifties."

The mobile-only emoji comes as Twitter fights to stay on top in the world of fun and ephemeral social content that younger generations are obsessed with. The automatic emoji will stop appearing today. The full music video is above.

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