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By Stephen Lepitak | -

May 18, 2015 | 1 min read

“We've returned to pretty much the same conditions 100 years later,” stated Dave Birss, The Drum’s editor-at-large and head of TV, during his presentation on the history of branded programming across media over the last century at Digital Shoreditch last week.

Birss, who in less than quarter of an hour managed to journey his way through the history of brands and their affiliation and creation of content through radio and television, explored began with the creation of radio and how it informed the troops during the first World War, and then evolved with the creation of dramas that would keep housewives company during the day.

He traverses decades, highlighting the original branded content such as the 1933 Proctor & Gamble created Ma Perkins radio serial - the first actual soap opera for Oxydol washing powder and the Colgate Comedy Hour along the way to modern day and the modern trend of branded content creation.

The full 15 minute video can be viewed above.

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