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Kia inks Channel 5 primetime US crime drama sponsorship deal

Kia Motors has signed on as sponsor of crime drama on Channel 5 unleashing a series of tongue-in-cheek idents depicting driving dramas.

Launched yesterday (Wednesday 13 May) the five, 10 and 15 second adverts will run alongside Channel 5’s flagship dramas including CSI, The Mentalist, NCIS and more.

“The success of the ‘You make us make better cars’ brand campaign allowed us to build on the creative, working with Channel 5 on their drama programming to provide us with a thrilling way to reach a new audience,” explained Mark Hopkins, marketing director at Kia.

“We wanted to highlight how people are important to Kia and doing so in a fun way is a fantastic opportunity to move the brand forward. We liked the idea of contrasting the exciting world of US cop drama and with normal everyday drama of people’s lives.”

The series of idents aim to catch viewer’s attention by drawing them into an individual drama.

Joanna Bailey of Bare Film commented: “Using real people in spooky and tense situations felt like a powerful, creative format for the series of idents. Add to this some eerie shots of the car, and the fit of the films worked really well in line with the dramatic programming on Channel 5.”

The sponsorship, which runs until 13 February 2016, hopes to provide maximum exposure for Kia and its all-new Sorento along with the Soul and Sportage. The Kia logo will also feature on Channel 5 trailers for dramas.

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