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McDonald’s new Hamburglar initiates social media takeover on Snapchat and Twitter

McDonald’s newly rebranded and resurrected Hamburglar has been doing the rounds on social channels today (Wednesday 13 May) after taking over the firm’s US Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

Following the iconic character’s surprise return last week, the Hamburglar has been generating buzz around the company’s sirloin third-pound burgers.

In a weird twist, the rebranded mascot issued a call to action for social media users, requesting they keep 'McD’s' - and his wife - from finding out about his hamburglary (hamburglary?) using the hashtag #RobbleRobble.

The Hamburglar also moved his campaign of meaty thievery to Snapchat.

Apparently he succeeded in snatching the fast food chain’s Sirloin Third Pound Burger.

Although initially confusing, the campaign comes after new chief executive Steve Easterbrook vowed to ignite excitement around the brand through better customer experiences as the fast-food giant struggles to stay relevant among millennials.

Judging by the engagement on social media the gambit seems to be working - for now - will The Drum readers be as kind to the revival however?

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