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Nando’s shows fans how to remember their orders with YouTube push to boost subscribers

Nando’s has created the Rapid Order Rap, a playful way to teach diners how to remember their sprawling orders after they watch the YouTube video which is also being used to boost subscriber numbers to its overlooked channel.

The post starts at out unassumingly as a trendily dressed customer is asked for his order before things take a quirky turn. He proceeds to cue the music from the shared smartphone of two even trendier dressed twins and then recites his order via the medium of rap.

With tongue firmly in its cheek, the ad is peppered with knowing winks to the cult-like status the restaurant has cultivated in recent years. From “I want the Lemon and Herb Chicken with a "Hot" flag in it, so the ladies think I'm all bad widdit” to “Because I'm rappin til the audience is clapping man these Macho Peas ain't gonna eat themselves”, the lyrics are set to a remix of “Famou” by West African singer Sekouba Bambino.

At the end of the video viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the brand’s YouTube channel, which suggests more activity could be forthcoming. Nando’s efforts on the video platform to date have been sporadic at best with the most recent video prior to the rap created six months ago.

Nando’s pushed the ad out today (11 March) on its social media channels, urging fans to adopt the #RememberYourNandos hashtag. It forms the latest serving on the restaurant’s marketing calendar for the year, which it works with agency 18 Feet & Rising to produce.

The YouTube push comes as the business considers the extension of its irreverent and fun branding to TV. Nando’s co-founder Robbie Brozin revealed the plan to The Drum earlier this year and said any investments would aim to reflect the locality of their market.