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BBH London: Audi 'Birth'

Brand: Audi

Title(s): Birth

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ian Heartfield

Creative Team: Dominic Goldman, Ian Heartfield

Additional Credits: Producer: Davud Karbassioun

Assistant Producer: Jen Wood

Strategy Director: Will Lion

Business Lead: Polly McMorrow

Team Manager: Stephen Jones

Production Company: Mill+

Director: Andrew Proctor

Producer: Adriane Scott–Kemp, Gemma Humphries

Executive Producer: Gemma Humphries

Executive Producer: Rupert Sanders (℅ MJZ)

Creative Consultant: Rupert Sanders (℅ MJZ)

Visual Effects House: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Victor Jory @ the Mill

Colourist: Matt Osbourne

Post Production Producer: Gemma Humphries

Sound Design: Will Cohen @ String & Tins

Music: Will Cohen @ String & Tins

Sound Producer: Sam Brock

2D Lead Artist: Gianluca Di Marco

3D Lead Artist: Michael Chapman

2D Artists: Stefan Susemihl, Olivia O’Neil, Matt (Wispy) Clarke, James Pratt

3D Artists: Sergio Xisto, Philip Maddock, Adam Darrah, James Mulholland, David Hempstead, Chris Hutchison, Dan Moller, Ciaran Moloney, Matthew Kavanagh, Emanuel Strixner , Tom Raynor, Arthur Larsen, Ian Baxter

Concept Design: Alex Caldow

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: New spectacular film launches to support the introduction of the hottest hatch from Audi and its most iconic performance car. Both the all-new RS 3 Sportback and R8 feature in a breathtaking cinema commercial that re-writes the rule book of car advertising while showcasing the brand’s high performance range known as Audi Sport.

Staying true to the Audi ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ values, the 110-second film, Birth, is a progressive and technological masterpiece, which captivates the audience with the R8 giving birth to the RS 3 Sportback, the most recent member of the RS family.

Remarkably, the ad was created entirely in CG and no actual cars appear in the film as both were created entirely from CAD data, a first for Audi and a true feat of artistry from a production team assisted by top Hollywood director, Rupert Sanders, who is best known for his work on the 2012 box-office hit - Snow White and the Huntsman.

Ogilvy Paris: Prince de LU 'The Quest for the Lost Treasure'

Brand: Prince de LU

Title(s): The Quest for the Lost Treasure

Agency: Ogilvy Paris

Agency website:

CEO: Philip Heimann

Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet

Creative Director: Paul Kreitmann, Fred Levron

Art Director: Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes, Chris Rowson, Cédric Moutaud, Julien Conter

Copywriter: Antoine Gauquelin, David Martinangelus, Vincent Pedrocchi, Rémy Aboukrat

Additional Credits: Advertiser Supervisor: Karine Chick / Julie Levet / Laura Fantoni

Agency Supervisor: Natalie Heckel / Myriam Nouicer / Alix Trinh / Cédric Bertin

Strategic Planning: Alexandra Mimoun / Antoine Bayle

Agency Producer: Olivier Mordacq / Ryan Leonard / Antoine Bagot

Head of technology: Adrien Leygues

Film Production Company: Cube Creative

Film Producer: Alexandre Pagot

Film Director: Rémi Chapotot / Tristan Michel

Film Production Superviser : Fabien Cellier

Sound: Comptoir du Son et des Images

Music: Franck Marchal

Mixing engineer & sound design Alexandre Poirier

Game Production Company : Moonbots Studios

Creative Director: Adam Volker

Chief Technical Officer: Bohdon Sayre

Producer: Sulivan Parker

Website Production Company : Lifelike

Producer: Marney Beliveau

Tech Lead: Soham Qadri

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Ogilvy Paris and Prince de LU Make You Want to be a Prince Again Through Adventurous Cross-platform Storytelling

When you think of a biscuit brand, you don’t naturally think of its history and heritage, but that’s the route Ogilvy Paris took to tackle the brief set by the European snack brand Prince de Lu (Mondelēz International) nearly 4 years ago when Ogilvy was in the finals for the leading European brand's business. The Client’s Brief? Make the Prince brand relevant and engaging to today’s families of the 21st century.

Ogilvy’s winning pitch idea was to transform the brand's traditional communications into one of Branded Entertainment Content. This branded entertainment effort represented a huge shift for Prince de LU -- a brand that used to invest around 90 per cent of its media budget on TV.

Ogilvy and Prince aligned to give the Prince icon a makeover and to create a whole new world around him that promised unlimited storytelling across every media possible to engage its audience in a medieval world made contemporary called Princeland. From here, Prince de LU was propelled into the era of branded entertainment and cross-media storytelling of the 21st century.

In year one, you’ll recall, Ogilvy developed a team of archetypal characters to live in Princeland. Rick, the awesome guy who's scared of spiders; Lily, the pretty girl, dressed and ready for all situations; Zig & Zag, the twin boys often too full of imagination; Joe, who’s not afraid of anything, except opening her heart… and Barry, the loveable Kung Fu master with a soft side. And obviously Moustachio, the constant threat…the conceited and self-loving man…

Today, the successful Princeland content strategy goes even deeper with families to nourish the energy and imaginations of kids with more video content in a longer format as well as an entirely new gaming app playable on desktop or mobile.

AMV BBDO: Pedigree 'Pedigree jobs for dogs'

Brand: Pedigree

Title(s): Pedigree jobs for dogs

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency website:

Creative Director: Adrian Rossi, Alex Grieve

Art Director: Rich Littler

Copywriter: Zac Ellis

Additional Credits: Agency Planner: Margaux Revol, Ila de Mello Kamath

Agency Account Man: Jane English, Stefano Piccini

Agency Producer: Zoe Cunningham

Project Manager: Olivia Emmerson

Typographer/Designer: Aaron Moss, Dan Mead

Retouching: Greg Chapman

Artworker: Rob Blackledge, Steve Hopkins

Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale: Mars Petcare brand Pedigree launched a new print campaign this week, Jobs for Dogs, to raise awareness of the good rescue dogs can bring to our lives and to encourage people to adopt.

Through adopting the ‘cheap and cheerful’ style of classified recruitment ads, which are typically posted by individuals seeking employment, the print ads position rescue dogs as skilled workers, such as therapists, PR experts and personal trainers, who are looking for work. Through doing so, they highlight the good dogs bring to our lives, such as keeping us fit, listening to our problems and helping us meet new people.

Williams Murray Hamm: Prismologie 'Brand Identity'

Brand: Prismologie

Title: Brand Identity

Agency: Williams Murray Hamm

Creative Director: Garrick Hamm

Photography: Iain Crawford

Publlished: April 2015

BBH London: Clipper Teas 'Clipper Green Tea'

Brand: Clipper Teas

Title(s): Clipper Green Tea

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Kevin Stark, Nick Kidney

Creative Team: Raphael Basckin, Shelley Smoler

Additional Credits: Strategy Director: Melanie Arrow, Jim Carroll

Team Manager: Jazz Powell

Team Director: Jennifer Omran, Phil Lloyd

Media Partner: Simon Orpin, Tim Heden @ Electric Glue

Producer: Charlie Orr

Assistant Producer: Vaia Ikonomou

Production Company: Blinkink

Director: Andersen M

Executive Producer: James Bretton

Producer: Kevin Harwood

DoP: Anderson M

Post Production: Blink Ink

Editor/Editing House: Anderson M

Sound: Factory

Producer: Katerina Gharraph

Photographer: Andersen M

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale: BBH London used the colours of nature to tell the story. Deliberately changing natural colours that everyone is familiar with - bees are pink, rabbits are red, pears are blue. The advert sweeps through this natural world, the unnaturally coloured things change to their natural colour. Finally we see a teabag in its unnatural bleached state turn into its natural colour, and into a cup of delicious Clipper green tea. Green tea as it should naturally be.

The entire ad was created out of paper, borne out of Clipper’s packaging. It was shot in camera using stop frame animation, in a deliberate style that mimics the filming style of nature documentaries; zooming in and out of focus and following our bee protagonist’s journey throughout the ad. Andersen M, papermakers extraordinare, spent a month painstakingly creating the paper cut out world that was eventually assembled on set and shot.

Ogilvy Amsterdam: Coca-Cola 'What are you waiting for?'

Brand: Coca-Cola

Title(s): What are you waiting for?

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Darre van Dijk

Art Director: Jurriaan van Bokhoven

Copywriter: Jesse Ridder, Rob Voortman

Additional Credits: Agency Editors: Mees Ubachs, Juriaan van Berkel

Agency Producer: Pirke Bergsma

Director: Arnaud Uyttenhove

D.O.P: Dimitri Karaktsanis

Executive Producer: Eva van Riet

Producer: Lynn Bernaerts

Rapper/Producer: HT

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale: Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB) launched ‘What Are You Waiting For’, a new TVC encouraging consumers to choose happiness, featuring a diverse range of celebratory moments. The TVC marks the launch phase of Coca-Cola’s first campaign under the new one brand strategy announced in March.

Created by Ogilvy Amsterdam, the TVC is centered on the concept that young people are the directors of their own happiness and they represent a new generation who instinctively choose to be happier.

The song ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ was specifically written for the campaign and is performed by Amsterdam-based rapper and producer HT, who has previously worked with DJ Grandmaster Flash, Rakim and Jungle Brothers.

The TVC airs from 1 May for four weeks and will be online throughout the summer. A longer 60 version of the TBV will be shown in cinemas throughout May.

‘What Are You Waiting For’ comes ahead of a major push from CCGB next month, under its new “one brand” strategy, which will show how Coca-Cola is putting choice at the centre of the brand proposition by promoting the full choice of Coca-Cola variants.

Brave: Lbd 'We go together'

Brand: Lbd

Title(s): We go together

Agency: Brave

Agency website:

Art Director: Caroline Paris, Thomas Genower

Designer: Lee Robins

Additional Credits: Business Director: Peter Booker

Account Director: Amy Forster

Retoucher: Chris Paine

Client: Charlotte Ashburner, Roisin Timoney, Laura Smith

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale: Brown-Forman, global wine and spirits company, have launched a new female focused drink, lbd, to the UK market.

lbd was developed in the UK in response to growing consumer demand for light and refreshing drinks – that taste great. The global drinks specialists have created a vodka based spirit in a range of three refreshing dual fruit flavours; Peach & Raspberry, Apple & Cranberry and Lime & Watermelon.

To launch the brand and to connect with girls who live for the #5to9, the growing ‘getting ready to go out' occasion, UK based creative agency Brave, produced the ‘We Go Together’ campaign. The work – running in out-of-home, print, online films and social – highlights cheeky pairings that, like lbd’s fabulously fruity blends, just ‘go’.

Digital agency Communicator, brought ‘We Go Together’ to life with a brand website and are launching it in social with Facebook and Instagram. The digital focuses on the unique getting ready to go out occasion and aims to inspire and celebrate the positive togetherness of this occasion, by encouraging girls to forget the 9-5, as it’s all about the #5to9.

The brand identity was built in conjunction with UK consumers, listening to what they want from a brand, and how they want to be communicated to. For the packaging many designs were put in front of target consumers and they unanimously selected the lbd bottle you can now see on shelf in ASDA. Consumers told us our packaging not only brings to life lbd’s brand personality but also clearly communicates ‘refreshment’.

lbd packaging was designed by UK agency, LBA Branding. PR agency Eulogy will be supporting the launch across consumer and trade media titles with Starcom MediaVest handling the media planning and buying.

AMV BBDO: Tena Men 'Clench'

Brand: Tena Men

Title(s): Clench

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency website:

Creative Director: Toby Allen, Jim Hilson

Art Director: Jeremy Tribe

Copywriter: Prabs Wignarajah

Additional Credits: Agency Planner: Tom White, Pippa Morris

Agency Account Man: Sarah Douglas, Alex Bird, Laura Etherington

Agency Producer: Polly Lowles

Media Agency: ZenithOptimedia

Director: Jeff Low

Post Production Company: The Mill

Editor: Saam Hodivala @Work

Audio Post Production: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave Studios

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Producers, Buiscut: Producer: Toby Courlander

Executive Producer: Orlando Wood

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Stirling Gravitas here – face, voice and moustache of TENA Men’s new ad campaign. You may have seen me on YouTube and Twitter in the last few weeks encouraging men to keep control of their lives and their urine leakage by using TENA Men.

Guess what. Advertising works. 1.3 million people have watched my film and TENA Men’s UK website has had a 700 per cent increase in traffic. That’s a high-five right there. And sample requests are up 115 per cent which means TENA Men products are finding their way into the hands of men who need them. *SMASH* I just chest-bumped my own reflection.

But I’m not done yet. To help men further in the war against urine leakage, I’m releasing another film, which extols the virtues of pelvic floor exercises. In it, I explain and demonstrate just how easy they are to do anytime, anyplace. I’m doing them right now.

BBH London: Sol 'Sol - Finding Espiritu Libre: The Bike Maker & The Florist'

Brand: Sol

Title(s): Sol - Finding Espiritu Libre: The Bike Maker & The Florist

Agency: BBH London

Agency website:

Creative Director: Shishir Patel & Sam Oliver

Art Director: Lewis Mooney

Copywriter: Ed Cole

Director: Ben Holman

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios

Mural Art Production Company: Rarekind

Artists: Best Ever, Matt Small, Ben Slow & Ino.

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Sol’s ‘Espiritu Libre’ Local Heroes campaign – celebrates the independent spirit through captivating artworks and short films.

Launched in London, four local heroes have been hand-picked to feature in the first phase of a global campaign – from a former IT consultant who now makes custom guitars for Stevie Wonder’s bassist to the general manager of Gordon Ramsey at Claridge’s who exchanged Michelin stars for barbecued street food – each of the heroes’ made a bold decision to start their own independent businesses.

Each hero was matched with a notable street artist who has created a bespoke, captivating street-art project that represents the hero and their business. This process has also been captured via short films that detail the evolution of each Local Heroes business and the collaborative creative process between individual and artist.

Ben Holman of Beija Films is the mastermind behind the short films. Based in both London and Rio de Janeiro, he has directed critically acclaimed independent films including I See You Maré and Bam Bam Bam: The Story of Sonzeira.

Axel Scheffler: Yorkshire Tea 'Limited Edition Gruffalo Packaging'

Brand: Yorkshire Tea

Title: Limited Edition Gruffalo Packaging

Illustrator: Axel Scheffler


Published: May 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Yorkshire Tea has replaced the famous Yorkshire landscape on its packaging with a bespoke piece of artwork featuring The Gruffalo. The limited edition packs aim to attract new audiences into the brand through driving awareness of its long-standing passion for trees, in partnership with the famous children’s literary character.

The unique design, created by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the much loved pictures book The Gruffalo, will feature on two million Yorkshire Tea packs across 80 and 160 SKUs, which will be on sale in all major retailers from the 27 April.

Yorkshire Tea has also changed its name on pack to Yorkshire Tree, to further celebrate the brand’s latest campaign in support of trees, which will see one million of them planted over in the next five years – half in the UK through and the other half in Kenya – one of the places from which it sources its tea.

The Box / Team News: The Sun 'Monkeys bring The Fun in new Sun advert'

Brand: The Sun

Title: Monkeys bring The Fun in new Sun advert

Agency: The Box / Team News

Agency website:

CD: Robin Garton

Creatives: Robin Garton

Agency Producer: James Miller

Agency Production Assistant: Dale Chapman

Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films

Director: Cris Mudge

Exec Producer: Philippa Thomas

Producer: Trent Simpson

Production Manager: Joe Thornber

Director of Photography: Luke Scott

Editor: Joe Parsons @ The Assembly Rooms

Audio: Smoke & Mirrors / 750mph

VFX: Smoke & Mirrors / Big Buoy

VFX Producer: Jon Muray

Published: April 2015

Atomic London: XL Catlin 'Let’s Talk'

Brand: XL Catlin

Title(s): Let’s Talk

Agency: Atomic London, London, UK

Agency website: http://

Creative Director: Guy Bradbury

Art Director: Matt Lee

Copywriter: Brian Riley

Illustrator: Pete Mould

Published: May 2015

Short rationale (optional): Insurance for a Bold New World. XL and Catlin have come together to offer products, services and local insights on a global scale. So if you’re looking for insurance or reinsurance, familiar or complex, let’s chat.

&ROSÀS:Bacardi Global Brands 'Martini Racing Sponsorship'

Brand: Bacardi Global Brands

Title(s): Martini Racing Sponsorship

Agency: &ROSÀS

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Isahac Oliver

Art Director: Nacho Ginestra, Oriol Gil, Xavi Mauri, Mark Brooks

Copywriter: Isahac Oliver, Ramon Caba

Photographer: Beil Capllonch

Additional Credits: Thiband Vincent-Genod, Edu Rojo

Agency Producer: Patricia Garcia

Production Company: Dora Joker

Published: May 2015

Short Rationale: Last year, Martini returned to Formula One creating the Williams Martini Racing Team. Once the the global brand campaign "Begin Desire" was launched, Martini choose to use Formula One to express its unique point of view about competition and life. To do this, the brand revived the mythical red and blue lines of Martini Racing in the print and digital executions to show the most passionate and sensual side of the elite competition.

This work for the Barcelona Grand Prix is the local activation of a global campaign that will also be launched in other race cities around the globe.

DDB Paris:Maille 'Memories'

Brand: Maille

Title: Memories

Agency: DDB, Paris, France

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé

Creative Director / Copywriter / Art Director: Ander Kalchev

Agency Producer: Catherine Guiol

Additional Credits: Account Supervisors: Glen Lomas, Pierre Le Gouvello, Capucine Mistrale, Anne-Charlotte Ruste

Strategic Planner: Raphaël Hodé, Géraldine Tixier

Advertiser’s Supervisor: David Lowes, Jane Buck, Alexandra Robert, Ruth Birl

Prod Compagny: Carnibird

Director: Alexander Kalchev

Producer: Juliette Desmarescaux

Sound Production: Leland music / Big Sync studio

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (optional): The latest spot for French Dijon mustard brand Maille considers the place of the humble dinner table, and features a recount of the things a table has seen and takes part in to cement its position and importance at the heart of the French dining experience.

JWT Milan: Hotpoint 'Tattoos – No Stain is Forever'

Brand: Hotpoint

Title: Tattoos – No Stain is Forever

Agency: J Walter Thompson, Milan, Italy

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officers: Enrico Dorizza, Sergio Rodriguez

Creative Director: Paolo Cesano

Art Director: Fabrizio Pozza

Copywriter: Paolo Cesano

Illustrator: Alice Guazzo

Photographer: Luigi Ziliani

Post production: Michela Secchi

Rep. And Production: Andrea Bertuzzi Livello06/1806 srl

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (optional): JWT Milan’s print campaign for Hotpoint plays on the idea that there are stains everyone is afraid of not being able to get out of their clothes – but unlike tattoos, these aren’t forever. The advertisement promotes Hotpoints new Natis model, which can get rid of more than 100 stains at 20 degrees.

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