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Reddit users reveal why they voted Tory

Reddit users have revealed why they voted Tory in this year's general election.

Starting the thread a London-based user wrote: "I'm not asking in a snarky way, I am genuinely curious. Could you please explain your reason for voting the way you did? Thanks!". Opening the floodgates to a number of brutally honest responses:

"I think the UK is in recovery, and I don't trust Labour not to f**k it up…I'd rather have low tax rather than tax and spend" - Biscuitsarefordunking.

"I know a lot of people my age (19) voted Conservatives because their parents are significantly better off since the Tory's took power when compared to Labour." - ClintSexwood.

"I believe that some tough decisions need to be made in terms of the economy and welfare and believed a Labour/SNP coalition would be too soft to leave is in a good situation by the time the next crash/ageing population requires significant spending." - a-pu.

"I am actually still quite disillusioned by the time Labour were last in power however the main reason was that I had absolutely no faith in Ed Miliband. He just doesn't strike me as a leader. He''s got no charisma. He seems weak." - jong123.

"I just don't trust Labour after the sh*t heap they left us in after their last two times in power. The Tories are the ones making the tough and unpopular decisions to get the country back on its feet (which they've been doing well so far). It's like Labour is the fun weekend parent and Tories as the ones that say, well now you've stuffed yourself with sweets, its greens and homework for the rest of the week. Nobody likes the weekday parent, but it's necessary." - DisneyBounder.

A number of those who voted for the Conservatives said they did so based on the work of their local MP as opposed to the party as a whole.

"Our MP (Tory) has stepped in a fair few times to give local events and causes a needed boost in an otherwise forgotten area. Without him our town would of lost out on the new schools and facilities we desperately need, promised 15 years ago by Lab/Lib councils." - DeaJae.

"My local MP has proved that he cares what his constituents think and has always replied to letters and queries me or my friends have raised." - Captainpatters.

"I didn't vote Tory, I voted for my local MP who is a member of the Conservative party. He did a good job in the past 5 years and is much better than the Labour candidate. Thinking about my decision on a national level, the Labour party does not inspire any faith in me with regards to the economy." - occasionallyepic.

Following the surprise Conservative majority result on Friday The Drum asked agency chiefs from the likes of WPP, VCCP, Publicis and more what they thought a Tory win would mean for the creative sectors and digital economy.

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