Snapchat debuts 10 second videos costing brands 2 cents a view

Snapchat is to release 10-second video ads, which will cost brands and advertisers two cents a view.

The photo-messaging app unveiled the new ad option during a presentation at the Daily Mail/Elite Daily Digital Content NewFronts on Thursday, according to Adweek.

The content will be distributed through Snapchat Discover, a short form video-sharing platform encompassing media from companies such as Vice, Daily Mail, MTV and National Geographic.

Daily Mail North America chief executive Jon Steinberg announced that he will be among the companies prepped to create content to be shared through the feature.

He said: “Together with TrueView, this is the next iteration of social content.”

This comes after the app enabled users to mark-up and share the Discover snaps through social media earlier this week, hoping the move will help combat declining viewing figures on the platform.