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DDB data shows how millennial moms differ from boomer and Gen X moms


By Minda Smiley | Reporter

May 8, 2015 | 2 min read

DDB has released data just ahead of Mother’s Day from its US Life Style Study that reveals attitude and behavioral differences among mothers of different generations, with millennial moms showing a surprising preference for more traditional gender roles compared to their boomer and Gen X counterparts.

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The study reveals that while 34 per cent of millennial moms believe that the father should be the ‘boss in the house,’ only 26 per cent of Gen X and boomer moms agree with that statement.

49 per cent of millennial mothers said that a mother who stays at home will have a better relationship with her children than one who works, whereas only 42 per cent of boomer moms agree.

Denise Delahorne, SVP-group strategy director of DDB US, said: “We’re accustomed to thinking that Millennials are more open-minded and progressive in their attitudes than previous generations, yet this data indicates that many millennials hold more traditional beliefs, particularly related to gender roles, than their Gen X and boomer counterparts.”

However, 37 per cent of boomer moms believe that having children without getting married is wrong, while only 27 per cent of millennial and Gen X moms feel that way.

The study surveyed 1,882 moms: 493 millennials, 553 Gen X, and 695 boomers.

According to its website, the DDB Life Style Study is the nation’s longest running and largest longitudinal study of US consumer attitudes and behaviors.

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