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UK press publish last ditch reader appeals in final pre-election front page splashes

The UK press has published their final front page splashes marking culmination of the general election campaign, in typically impartial style.

The Sun has fun with its puns once more with its ‘Well Hung’ headline, complete with a visual graphic gag noting the even stevens poll performance of the two main parties.

For its part the Daily Mail makes no secret of its desire to see David Cameron remain ensconced within Number 10, publishing a tactical voting guide to inform waverers of how to vote to prevent Ed Milliband moving in.

Scotland’s Daily Record adopts a differing stance, calling on the English to put their votes in for Labour candidates to ‘kick out’ the tux wearing prime minister.

Elsewhere the Daily Telegraph also wades into the tactical voting debate, noting that the rise of UKIP could undermine Conservative hopes, ushering in Labour and the SNP on Frday morning.

The guardian meanwhile reminds readers that the polls ‘couldn’t be closer’ with both Labour and Conservatives tied on 35 per cent apiece in its final survey.

Britain should brace for a rocky few days according to The Times which reports that the Queen is ready to ‘take control’ of the nation in the event of political gridlock but it is perhaps The Independent which has the most succinct splash, stating simply that it’s now ‘over to you’.

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