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How well do you know Richard Branson, Martin Sorrell, Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Dick Costolo, and Arianna Huffington?

Crystal is a new program that creates personality profiles on individuals based on their online presence and acquaintance testimonies.

When individuals are searched, Crystal compiles a profile based on answers provided directly by people who know them and thousands of "publicly available online data sources to find information written by or about" the subjects.

This information is then used to match an individual with one of 64 different personality types - often in less than five seconds.

Here’s a look at what Crystal had to say about some of the industry’s biggest influencers.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

Branson is profiled as having “a dynamic, creative personality and trusts feelings and gut instinct more than rules or logic, which can seem unpredictable.” In conversation, he doesn’t always follow verbal instructions and gets bored when people tell him things he has already heard before.

He prefers meetings over food and drinks, but is sometimes late. It’s best to not set an end-time to meetings and conversations with Branson.

Overall, Branson is a sarcastic man who likes to visualize concepts in his head and think out loud.

Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive officer, WPP

Sorrell is described as being an enthusiastic and decisive individual who strongly prefers results over process. However, he feels uncomfortable about giving up control. In conversation, Sorrell likes individuals who stick to the big picture and who are confident.

Over email, his preferences are similar. Sorrell likes email with subjects in headlines and simple, concise, casual language. However, when it comes to conflict, Sorrell prefers to speak in person.

With Sorrell, it’s all about speed. He makes quick career advances, and completes projects with efficiency.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder, Facebook

Mark Zukerberg is a social and creative individual who trusts his feelings and gut instinct more than rules or logic. He loves discussing ideas.

In conversation, Zuckerberg enjoys when people use self-deprecating humor, to show that they don’t take themselves very seriously. He isn’t always the best at following verbal instructions, so it’s best to send him detailed emails.

In such emails, one should use short, casual language and use emotionally expressive language.

He trusts others fairly easily, but is sometimes late to meetings.

Overall, Zuckerberg focuses on deep, lasting connections. He may seem unorganized at times, but is trusting and enjoys planning for the future.

Marissa Mayer, chief executive officer, Yahoo

Marissa Mayer is a dynamic innovator who thrives in chaos. She is creative, focused, and spontaneous, and can sometimes be unpredictable or scatter-brained.

In conversation, Mayer is unlikely to pick up on subtle hints, so it’s best to get straight to the point. The most fruitful conversations with her would begin with a clear problem that needs to be solved.

Mayer is very trusting, yet will still ask many questions. She enjoys visual aids, and her conversations and meetings often run late.

She is very creative, sarcastic, and often thinks out loud.

Dick Costolo, chief executive officer, Twitter

Dick Costolo is a trustworthy, goal-oriented man who always delivers on promises. However, he sometimes overlooks details.

When conversing, Costolo prefers people who are straight to the point. He doesn’t like to be asked many questions and doesn’t like to have focus of the chat shifted.

His email demeanor is similar as he doesn’t enjoy unnecessary details or links. However, it may help to use emotionally expressive language and emoticons.

Overall, Costolo prioritizes social engagements and stays loyal to trusted brands. He is not very sarcastic, and questions many sales and advertising tactics.

Arianna Huffington, founder, Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington is a gifted communicator who prioritizes relationship and trusts her instincts. Sometimes, she makes gut decisions that go against logic.

When speaking with Huffington, one should pepper in a few jokes. She may not always follow verbal requests and directions.

Thus, it’s probably best to send Huffington a detailed email, which includes emoticons, links, and expressive language.

Overall, she is not afraid to openly discuss emotions. She always seeks to find a personal connection with all businesses, and is unlikely to stop a conversation to point out an inaccuracy.

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