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US Creative Department: Featuring CP+B, McCann NY, Elmwood and more

Welcome to US Creative Department.

Each week this section will aim to showcase the latest creative work to come out of not only the US but Canada, Mexico, and South America as well.

It will give you, the reader, the chance to decide what is best.

You can vote for the work you like best simply by clicking the 'Like' button beside the work. The winner will be named The Drum's 'Ad of the Week' and will be in the running to be named 'US Readers' Favourite' in our printed magazine, which is published every fortnight.

Submit your vote before Wednesday May 13 to guarantee your vote has been counted.

To submit work for future publication contact or For voting updates and more follow The Drum Creative Showcase on Twitter @TheDrumCreative and subscribe to the US daily newsletter here.

McCann New York: Choice Hotels 'Stay or Go?'

Brand: Choice Hotels

Title: Stay or Go?

Agency: McCann New York

Agency Website:

Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan

Co-Chief Creative Officer: Thomas Murphy

SVP Executive Creative Director: Larry Platt

SVP Group Creative Director: Thomas Sullivan

VP Creative Director: Dov Zmood

Additional Credits: SVP Executive Integrated Producer: Greg Lotus

SVP Group Strategy Director: Julien Delatte

EVP, Co-Head/Account Management: Neil Frauenglass

Production Company: Moxie pictures

Director: Frank Todaro

Executive Producer: Robert Fernandez

Producer: Laura Heflin

Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt

Production Designer: John Reinhart

Editorial: Big Sky Editorial

Editor: Chris Franklin

Executive Producer: Cheryl Panek

Graphic Design: Brand New School

Sound Engineer: Joe O’Connell, Blast Audio

Published: May 2015

CP+B: Fruit of the Loom 'Plastique presents: Plastique. The story of Plastique.'


Brand: Fruit of the Loom

Title: Plastique presents: Plastique. The story of Plastique.

Agency: CP+B

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson

VP/Creative Director: Dave Steinke / Allen Richardson

VP/Creative Director (Social): Peter Knierim

Associate Creative Director: Mona Hasan

Associate Creative Director: Nic Buckingham

Art Director: Tyler Gonerka

Additional Credits: Account Director: Joselyn Bickford

Content Supervisor: Priyanka Sah

Content Manager: Lindsay Melloh

Digital Strategist: Dean McBeth

Associate Planning Director: David Burg

VP/Director of Video Production: Kate Hildebrant

Integrated Video Producer: Annie Turlay

Integrated Jr. Video Producer: Addison Born

Integrated Jr. Video Producer: Shelby Hawkinson

VP/Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Rebecca Williams

Music Supervisor: Andy Hamm

Asset Producer: Eva Hunter

Production Company and City: Moxie Pictures, Los Angeles, CA

Director: Martin Granger

Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt

Exec. Producer: Karol Zeno

Head of Production: Paula Benson

Producer: Heidi Soltesz

Editorial Company and City: Hutch Co., Los Angeles CA

Editor: Jim Hutchins

Assistant Editor: Joaquin Machado

Exec. Producer: Jane Hutchins

Finishing/VFX & City: Method Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Creative Director: Claus Hansen

Senior Flame Artist: Wensen Ho

Exec. Producer: Robert Owens

Producer: Paula Jimenez

Audio Finishing & City: Lime Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Engineer: Mark Meyuhas

Assistant Engineer: Matt Miller

Executive Producer: Jessica Locke

Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

Color Finishing and City: CO3, Santa Monica, CA

Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov

Published: April 2015

Elmwood: Cow & Clover Brand Story

Brand: Cow & Clover

Title: Brand Story

Agency: Elmwood

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Ben Greengrass

Design Director: Tet Marti

Global Creative Services Director: Mark O'Donnell

Illustrator: Steven Noble

Film: Casual Films

Published: March 2015

The Community: Buenos Aires Public Bike System 'Never Stop Riding'

Brand: Buenos Aires Public Bike System

Title: Never Stop Riding

Agency: the community

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officers: Joaquín Mollá, José Mollá

Associate Creative Director: Fernando Reis

Associate Creative Director: Marcelo Padoca

Art Directors: Fernando Reis, Guilherme Nóbrega

Copywriter: Marcelo Padoca

Illustrator: Arthur D’Araujo

Additional Credits: Group Account Director: Daniel Gergely

Group Account Director: Sebastian Diaz

Account Executive: Oriana San Martin

Published: April 2015

GSD&M: Southwest Airlines 'Getting the Band Back Together'

Brand: Southwest Airlines

Title: Getting the Band Back Together

Agency: GSD&M

Agency Website:

President: Marianne Malina

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell

Sr. VP/Group Creative Director: Brent Ladd

Group Creative Director: Lara Bridger

Creative Director/AD: Nikki Baker, Kate Griffiths

Creative Director/Writer: Leslie Shaffer

Additional Credits: SVP Production: Jack Epsteen

Executive Producer: Marianne Newton

Senior Producer: Natalie Lum Freedman

Business Affairs: J.J. Gaines

Account Leadership: Adrienne Walpole, Amy Lyon, Kate Rutkowski

Project Management: Elizabeth Stelling

Experience and Insights: Jennifer Billiot

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Jun Diaz

Producer: Alex Waite

Editorial Company: Beast Editorial

Editor: Ben Ellis

Graphics: Beast

VFX Supervisor: NA

VFX/Online: Jim Reed

Audio: Pony Sound

Engineer: Corey Roberts

Music Supervision: Hum Music

Music: Thin Lizzy’s “Boys Are Back in Town” licensed from Universal Music Group

Published: April 2015

Droga5 NY: Quilted Northern 'Designed to be Forgotten'

Brand: Quilted Northern

Title: Designed to be Forgotten

Agency: Droga5 NY

Agency Website:

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Creative Director: David Gibson

Creative Director: Nathan Lennon

Creative Director: Mike Long

Creative Director: Alex Lea

Art Director/Copywriter: Molly Jamison

Art Director/Copywriter: Eric Dennis

Chief Creation Officer: SallyAnn Dale

Additional Credits: Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies

Senior Broadcast Producer: Anders Hedberg

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer

Group Strategy Director: Matt Springate

Senior Strategist: Nick Maschmeyer

Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy

General Manager/Head of Account Mgmt: Susie Nam

Group Account Director: Brett Edgar

Account Director: Michael Arani

Account Manager: Jasmine Moesel

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Bennett Miller

Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Shannon Jones

Producer: Suzie Greene Tedesco

DP: Adam Kimmel

Editorial: Exile

Editor: Conor O'Neill

Assistant Editor: Rex Lowry

Executive Producer: CL Weaver

Producer: Denice Hutton

Post Production: Method NY/Atlanta

Flame Artists: Mike Wardner, Glen Bennett, Jay Tilin

Head of Production: Jennifer Hargreaves

Producer: Natalia Wroble


:30 “Daddy Gator”: Adelphoi

:30 “Great Grandpa Thaddeus”: Adelphoi

:15 “Sir Froggy”: Adelphoi

:15 “Conductor Randy”: Adelphoi

:15 “Birds”: Adelphoi

Composers: Jamie Masters, Andrew Sherriff, Ashley Bates, Stephen Patman (Adelphoi Music)

Producers: Jonathan Watts/Lotte Bowser (Adelphoi Music)

:30 “Little Miss Puffytail”: Manners McDade

Published: April 2015

Ogilvy New York: Philips Sonicare 'Get the indescribable feeling'

Brand: Philips Sonicare

Title: Get the indescribable feeling

Agency: Ogilvy New York

Agency Website:

Senior Partner, Group Creative Director: Victoria Azarian

Senior Copywriter: Parker Sims

Copywriter: Allison Lackey

Additional Credits: Account Management

Senior Partner, Managing Director: Spencer Osborn

Executive Group Director: Gosia Plewako, Jennifer Natuzzi

Account Supervisor: Justin Cohen

Assistant Account Executive: Kyle Hodgkins


Group Planning Director: Kirsten Miller

Senior Planner: Ned Sonnenschein

Business Affairs

Business Manager: Lisa Rosario


Producer: Sarissa Karnbach

Music Production Coordinator: Karl Westman, Michael Freeman

Production: The Sweetshop

Director: Kathi Prosser

Cosmo Street: Editorial Company

Editor: Mark Ptter

Assistant Editor: Jon Allen

Producer: Anne Lai

EP: Maura Woodward

Switch FX Graphics / Visual Effects

Lead Flame Artist: Jon Magel

Flame Artist: Andrew Rea

Producer: Cara Flynn

EP: Diana Dayrit

Heard City: Audio

Audio Engineer: Keith Reynaud

Nice Shoes

Colorist: Chris Ryan

Published: May 2015

TBWA\Chiat\Day LA: Gatorade 'The Formula to Unleash'

Brand: Gatorade

Title: The Formula to Unleash

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day LA

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Brent Anderson

Creative Director: Renato Fernandez

Global Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins

Creative Director: Mark Peters

Associate Creative Director: Javier Castillo

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson

Senior Producer: Lacy Plunk

Art Producer: Karishma Singh

Managing Director: Peter Ravailhe

Global Brand Director: Romain Naegelen

Director Branded Content: Marc Johns

Global Brand Manager: Ryan Moore

Global Associate Brand Manager: Kayla McLaughlin

Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster

Global Planning Director: Martin Ramos

Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson

Senior Business Affairs Manager: Laura Drabkin

Talent Payment Manager: Mirielle Smith

Senior Traffic Operations Manager: Judy Brill

Executive Project Manager: Karen Thomas

Project Manager: Mark Diaz

Produced by Blacklist, Directed by Golden Wolf


Executive Producer: Adina Sales

Producer: Alex Unick, Hilary Downes

Golden Wolf:

Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson

Producers: Ant Baena, Nathalie Le Berre, Anthony Taylor

Production Assistants: Corina Priestley, Emma Copeland, India Bradshaw

Storyboards / Layouts: Pedro Vergani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Design: Stefan Falconer, Pedro Vergani, Alex Fernandez, Marie Ecarlat, Wojtek Szklarski, Romain Loubersanes, Tristan Mernard

Animation: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington, Stefan Falconer, Tim Whiting, Sam Bell, Sabrina Lecordier, Simon Wottage, Phinn O’ Conner, Anselm von Seherr-Thoss, Rachel Chu, Dan Lane, Dennis Bouyer, Jeremi Boutelet, Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo

Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Steffano Ottaviano, Mat Landour

Visual Effects: Absolute Post London

Producers: Ian Harland, Dan Bennet

Lead Compositor: Zdravko Stoitchkov

Compositors: Owen Saward, Chris Tobin

CG Lead: Jasper Kidd

CG Artists: Matt Burn, Jesse Baber

Colour Grading by Matt Turner

Editing By Circus Edit London.

Producer: Zoe Hockings

Editor: Jono Griffith

Editing Assistant: Adam Buckmaster

Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd,

Sports Choreography and Casting: Sports On Screen

Lead Choreographer: Andy Ansah

Project Manager: Tyler Blake

Choreographer: Darren White

Choreographer Assistant: Bohdan Pylypchuk

Music: Zedd

Music Licensing: MEGA, Inc.

Sound Design: Barking Owl

Sound Designer: Michael Anastasi

Executive Producer: Kelly Bayett

Sound Mix: Lime Studios

Mixer: Loren Sibler

Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

Published: May 2015

The Martin Agency: Hanes/Disney 'Follow That Sock'

Brands: Hanes and Disney

Title: Follow That Sock

Agency: The Martin Agency

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander

Group Creative Director: Danny Robinson

Creative Directors: Matt Davis, Dave Gibson

Associate Creative Director / Technology: David Vogeleer

Additional Credits: Group Account Director: Sydney Norton

Account Supervisor: Laurel Busony

Account Coordinator: Mackenzie Spicer

Managing Director: Steve Humble

Agency Executive Broadcast Producer: Christina Cairo

Senior Producer: Adrienne Daniel

Digital Executive Producer: Kim Zaninovich

Integrated Producer: Dwight Loew

Technology Director: Jeremy Misavage

Quality Assurance Manager: Andy Bupp

Senior Project Manager: Rianna Bocchino

Group Project Management Supervisor: Karen Baber

Business Affairs Manager: Elizabeth Moore

Group Talent Manager: Juanita McInteer

Senior Strategic Planner: Dalynn Kincannon

Strategic Planner: Taylor Wiegert

Production Company: Hornet

Director: Peter Sluszka

Executive Producer: Jan Stebins

Producer: Cathy Kwan

Producer: Joel Kretschman

Lead Compositor: John Harrison

Production Coordinator: Erika Bettencourt

Digital Company: BOSSA

Creative Director: Andrezza Valentin

Art Director: Evan Mathews

Designer: Jared Langel

UX: Cid Andrews

Creative Technologist: Jeramy Morrill

Developers: Danielle Rivers, Ray Dolber

Executive Producer: Hans Weiss

Producer: Nic Santana

Promotion Administrator and Developer: Don Jagoda Associates, Inc.

Vice President: Kimberly Thaw

Account Supervisor: Elizabeth Haban

Account Executive: Erin Schwarz

Assistant Account Executive: Danielle Laimo

Technical Project Lead: Brian Robbins

Software Engineer: Sathya Govindarajan

Music Company: TINYLION Music + Sound

Executive Producer: Jonathan Fuller

Audio Post Company: Rainmaker

Executive Producer: Kristin O’Connor

Engineer/Mixer: Mike O’Connor

General Manager: Clinton Spell, II

Published: April 2015

Goodby Silverstein & Partners: Comcast 'Share Anthem'

Brand: Comcast

Title: Share Anthem

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Agency Website:

Partner: Jeff Goodby

Partner: Rich Silverstein

Executive Creative Director: Eric Kallman

Creative Director: Danny Gonzalez and David Suarez

Art Director: Sean Smith

Copywriter: Kevin Steele

Additional Credits: Production

Director of Broadcast Production: Tod Puckett

Executive Broadcast Producer: James Horner

Broadcast Producer: Timothy Plain

Account Services

Group Account Director: Jason Bedecarre

Account Director: Whitney Kollar

Account Manager: Sarah Lynch

Assistant Account Manager: Evan Rowley

Brand and Communication Strategy

Group Brand Strategy Director: John Thorpe

Communication Strategy Director: Jared Grant

Business Affairs

Business Affairs Associate Director: Judy Ybarra

Production Company

Company name: The Director’s Bureau

Director: Melodie McDaniel

Director of Photography: Benn Martenson

Producer: Mary Livingston

Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis / Elizabeth Minzes

Editorial Company

Company name: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Jamie Foord

Assistant Editor: Lauren Dellara

Producer: Ana Orrach

Executive Producer: Angela Dorian


Company name: A52

Colorist: Paul Yacono


Company name: A52

Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Producer: Michael Steinmann

Lead Flame Artist: Andy Bates


Lip Synch Music: The Drifters “Come on Over to My Place”

Prom Music: Original Score by Remi Boubal


Company name: Lime Studios

Mixer: Joel Waters

Assistant Mixer: Kayla Mashburn Phungglan

Producer: Susie Boyajan

End Treatment Graphics

Company name: eLevel

Creative Director: Mike Landry

Published: May 2015

Rabbit: Participant Media '#TEACHNow'

Brand: Participant Media

Title: #TEACHNow

Production Company: Rabbit

Production Company Website:

Director: Lesley Chilcott

Creative Director: Lesley Chilcott

Executive Producer: Douglas Howell

Executive Producer: Jody Barnhart

Additional Credits: Head of Production: Jeff Sommar

Producer: Stacey Daarstad

Director of Photography: Logan Schneider

Production Designer: Heidi Adams

Post Production: Stitch

Editor: Chris Catanach

Post Producer: Chris Girard

Color: Local Hero

Colorist: Leandro Marini

Producer: Jessice Clarke

Online: Bond

Flame Artist: George Olivo

Bond Producer: Marguerite Olivelle Stender

Mix: Lime Studios

Mix Engineer: Sam Casas

Mix Producer: Jessica Locke

Composer: Peter G. Adams

Published: March 2015

Young & Laramore: Goodwill 'Can't Lift It', 'Storage' and 'Fantasy Appraiser'

Brand: Goodwill

Titles: Can't Lift It, Storage, and Fantasy Appraiser

Agency: Young & Laramore

Agency Website:

Chief Strategist: Tom Denari

ECD: Carolyn Hadlock

Senior Writer: Charlie Hopper

Senior Art Director: Brian Thibodeau

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Char Loving

Consumer Insight Strategist: Nick Riedle

Assistant Account Manager: Marlena Banks

Production House: Washington Square Films

Directors: Ben and Dave

Director of photography: Munn Powell

Editorial: Beast

Editor: Angelo Valencia

Published: April 2015

AdPeople Worldwide: Center For Child Protection 'Kids don't talk like this'

Brand: Center For Child Protection

Title: Kids don't talk like this

Agency: AdPeople Worldwide, Austin, USA

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Steve Miller

Art Director: Kim Smith

Copywriter: Michael Streiter

Photographer: Dave Mead

TV Director: Dave Mead

Additional Credits: Account Planner: Alyse Craun

Account Services: Lisa Letchworth

Print Retouching: Kevin Leger

Production Company: Rockhouse Films

Editor: Ariel Quintans / Beast Editorial

Published: April 2015

Brand: Glad

Title: Fresh vs. Rotten Outdoor Billboard

Agency: Alma, Miami, USA

Agency Website:

Chief Creative Officer: Luis Miguel Messianu

Executive Creative Director: Alvar Suñol

Creative Director: Christian Liu

Associate Creative Director: Jaume Rodriguez

Art Director: Luis Aguilera

Additional Credits: Senior Print Production Manager / Producer: Mimi Cossio

Associate Producer / Editor: Rick Morales

Senior Group Business Director: Karla Kruger

Production Company: Letca / Jorge Colon

Music: Daniel Reschinga / Monosonico

Published: April 2015

BBDO San Francisco: Sutter Health 'You Get A Partner'

Brand: Sutter Health

Title: You Get A Partner

Agency: BBDO San Francisco

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Craig Mangan

Executive Creative Director: Matt Miller

Executive Creative Director: Steve Rutter

Creative Director: Amber Justis

Creative Director: Kevin Thomson

Art Director: Alyssa Collis

Copywriter: Nate Totten

Additional Credits: Sr. Producer: Patti Bott

Account Director: Sophie DeSchepper

Account Supervisor: Lizzie Agra

Production Company: Epoch Films

Director: Jeff Preiss

Director of Photography: Chris Blauvelt

Executive Producer: Youree Henley

Producer: Martha Davis

Editorial Company: Jump/LA

Editor: Michael Saia

Producer: Betsy Beale

Published: March 2015

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