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Android tops iOS in mobile ad revenue, according Opera Mediaworks Q1 data

First quarter data has shown that Android tops iOS in both traffic and revenue, according to a report by Opera Mediaworks.

The data was compiled using Opera Mediaworks' mobile ad platform, which reaches more than 800 million consumers worldwide.

According to the report, Android receives more than 65 per cent of all mobile traffic, while iOS devices see only 46 per cent of all traffic.

However, when it comes to video advertising, iOS still leads. iOS devices reported higher impressions, revenue, and completion rates.

Android only accounted for 36 per cent of mobile video ad revenue, while iOS accounted for a whopping 63 per cent.

“In terms of monetization potential, or the ratio of revenue to impressions, iOS is still the leader, with the iPad generating more than four times its traffic volume in Q1,” the report read. “For mobile video ads only, iOS outperforms Android for both traffic and revenue, and video completion rates for Apple users are higher.”

Regardless of whether users choose Android or iOS, the affectiveness of mobile advertising overall has increased drastically in recent years.

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