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Nationwide CMO behind ‘Dead Kid’ SuperBowl ad departs

Nationwide executive vice president and chief marketing officer (CMO) Matt Jauchius has left the business.

Jauchius has spent nine years at the American insurer, joining as VP of strategy in 2006 before rising to chief marketing officer in 2010.

Based in Ohio, Jauchius was behind the highly controversial SuperBowl advert, which showed a young boy talking about the things he would never be able to do because he had died in a preventable accident.

Nationwide was criticized for the ad, but Jauchius said he would not apologize for putting “a tough message in the middle of a party.”

According to Ohio-based newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, his departure is no indication that the insurer is unhappy with its marketing efforts.

“Matt accomplished a great deal during his time at Nationwide and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors,” Nationwide spokesman said.

“We are confident in the current marketing strategy we have established to promote our brand.”

Terrance Williams, president of Nationwide Agribusiness , will replace Jauchius.

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