Smirnoff drinks to inclusivity in £4.5m brand campaign

Diageo-owned vodka brand Smirnoff has launched a £4.5m campaign which centres around the theme of inclusive communities.

The We're Open campaign launches with a series of playful out-of-home executions linked to upcoming cultural events. For example Smirnoff takes an alternative look at the General Election using the lines ‘Vote for the House Party’ and ‘Left wing, right wing, or chicken wings’, while its ongoing support of Pride is highlighted through statements such as ‘Homosexual, heterosexual, who-gives-a-sexual’.

The creative, which features Smirnoff’s no21 bottle, will run across the UK and Ireland through May and June and will be supported by media partnerships.

Smirnoff will continue to push its ‘We’re Open’ positioning this summer at festivals and major cultural events.

Julie Bramham, marketing director for Smirnoff Western Europe, said the campaign plays on Smirnoff's rich history of being "the vodka for everyone".

"In the ‘We’re Open’ campaign we will embrace our democratic and inclusive character and as a brand move people to be more inclusive. This new campaign will allow us to tell and share stories in culturally relevant ways, starting with the new impactful out of home.”

Smirnoff is now worth 59 per cent of the growing £1.8bn on-trade vodka category according to Neilsen. The brand celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.