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SNP looks to overtake Ukip social media conversations as general election edges closer

Ukip has suffered a drop in Twitter conversation share from a quarter in January 2015 to 19 per cent in April, according to social media agency We Are Social.

On the other hand, the SNP has snuck up on the anti-Europe party, in April taking 650,000 mentions compared to Ukip’s 695,000.

Labour has been deemed the most talked about party, generating three million conversations - 33 per cent of chat volume.

The Conservative Party followed with 2.4 million conversations or 24 per cent. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Green party have tied over the last few months, taking 368,000 and 302,000 mentions respectively.

On the sentiment front, the Conservative Party generated the largest number of positive conversations at 260,000, followed by SNP and Ukip with 230,000 and 227,000 respectively. Labour came fourth with 154,000.

On the other side of the coin, the Tories also generated the largest number of negative conversations at 846,000, followed by Labour with 725,000 in second place.

Paul Greenwood, senior research and insight director, We Are Social, said: “Over the last two weeks, conversation volumes on Twitter have rocketed for the Tories, Labour and the SNP, while UKIP has managed to recover some of the ground it lost towards the end of quarter one.

“These four parties are all generating a lot of conversation on Twitter, both positive and negative to varying degrees. However, the Greens and Lib Dems will be disappointed to find they’re not making more of an impression.”

Labour had the latest number of ‘neutral’ conversations, at over two million, showing that it may be in a position to grab a host of undecided voters before the election on 7 May.