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Lib Dems target floating voters with IP geolocation

The Liberal Democrats are seeking to give their election prospects a lift by employing IP geolocation technology to tailor the party’s website content to local issues in advance of the general election.

The Liberal Democrats are the first party to make use of the new hyperlocal tool, created by Digital Element, which is capable of locating individual users to a sub-regional level to marry them up with campaign literature of their local candidate.

As such browsers resident in south east London will be presented with information pertaining to Simon Hughes, the party’s candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, in addition to national messages.

Bess Mayhew, head of digital communications for the Lib Dem’s said: “Viewing web content that is more personal and less generic can really impact the way people vote, and small margins can make a huge difference to the final result. In this election in particular, we’re going to see a lot more marginal seats, so those few extra votes can really make the difference.”

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