Ad of the Day - Ben & Jerry's: Introducing The BRRR-ito!

Ben & Jerry’s has spoofed Apple’s ‘1984’ Super Bowl slot in this quirky remake to show the momental effectiveness the BRRR-ito can have on hungry weed-smokers.

The ad, created by San Francisco ad agency Mekanism to celebrate Weed Day or ‘420 day’ on 20 April, displays a Ben & Jerry’s super-snack capable of settling even the most persistent weed smoker’s munchies.

Don’t get too excited, if you want a BRRR-ito, you’ll have to make one yourself.

Just in March, the brand’s founders admitted they were all for introducing cannabis into their dairy products, so soon you may be able to get buzzed and settle your munchies at the same time.

Check out Apple’s original ‘1984’ superbowl slot below.

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