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Ad of the Day: Ryanair - History

RyanAir has released a campaign to celebrate its 30th anniversary, using a split screen effect to good use to show the difference between the modern era and when the brand first launched.

Featuring the music to Ah Ha's 'Take on Me' in an effort to evoke memories of the Eighties, the advert highlights just how far the brand has come over the decades as well as how far airtravel has developed too.

The advert succeeds in raising a smile for anyone old enough to remember the decade fashion forgot and concludes with the line 'RyanAir; 30 Years of Low Fares'.


Project name: Ryanair ‘History’

Agency: Dare

Creative Partner: Brian Cooper

Creative Director: Nathan White

Creative Director: Ben Daly

Exec Partner: Toby Horry

Producers: Sally Alekna and Paula Mackersey

Business Lead: Josh Harris

Account Director: Massimo Fiori

Account Director: Freya Page

Planner: Nathan Rogers

Production Good Egg

Director: Bugsy

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