Gawker writer has announced company's plan to unionize

Hamilton Nolan, a journalist at Gawker, posted an article on Thursday 16 April entitled ‘Why We’ve Decided to Organize’ that explains why the Gawker Media editorial staff has decided to unionize.

Nolan stated in the article that a large group of editorial employees that represent many of Gawker Media’s websites met with union organizers at the Writers Guild in New York this week.

He outlined numerous reasons for why the publisher wants to organize, even though he mentioned that the company is relatively well-run, pays relatively competitive salaries, and treats employees relatively well.

Issues that Gawker wants to see addressed include pay and raises that are set in a fair, transparent, and unbiased way.

Ending his article, Nolan wrote:

“The online media industry makes real money. It's now possible to find a career in this industry, rather than just a fleeting job. An organized work force is part of growing up. I fully expect that Gawker Media will emerge from this experience stronger than it has ever been.”

Gawker Media, whose publications include Gawker, Jezebel, and Deadspin, would be the first major online media company to unionize if the deal goes through, which Nolan states he hopes would set a positive precedent for future online publishers.

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