Ad spend on smartwatches estimated to reach nearly $70m by 2019

Advertising spend on smartwatches is predicted to reach $68.6m by 2019, up from roughly $1.5m this year, according to Juniper Research.

The research concluded that growth would likely stem from high profile brands, including Apple, entering the wearable tech space along with increased consumer affinity with and acceptance of the technology itself.

Yet until a critical user base is reached, the research states that the majority of ad-spend is likely to take the form of ad-hoc campaigns.

Because of this, it is noted that brands will have to devise new advertising formats that cater to the small space of smartwatch screen.

Since users are likely to only look at the watch for mere seconds as compared to viewing smartphone screens for longer bits of time, advertisers will have to figure out a way to engage users in a very short amount of time.