AT&T sues FCC over net neutrality, only major internet provider to do so

AT&T has sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over the net neutrality laws passed earlier this year. Notably, it was the only major internet service provider (ISP) to do so.

The passage of net neutrality makes it illegal for ISPs to slow down, speed up, or completely block internet based on content being viewed.

While Comcast and Verizon are not suing the FCC directly, they are still being represented by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, who sued on behalf of all cable companies.

AT&T’s complaints were not very detailed and echoed the same sentiments as other lawsuits against the FCC, accusing it of violating the constitution with a “capricious” decision.

While the initial suits were brief for the sake of prompt sumbittal. subsequent actions will be more comprehensive.

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