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April 13, 2015 | 27 min read

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DDB Russia: Volkswagen 'Think Blue'

Brand: Volkswagen

Title(s): Think Blue

Agency: DDB Russia

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Anna Denisova

Creative Group Head (Digital): Dmitry Zenin

Art Director (Digital): Igor Esaulov

Additional Credits: Head of Digital Department – Vladimir Pervozvansky

Senior Strategic Planner (Digital) – Natalia Vinokurova

Project Manager (Digital) – Ekaterina Svatkova

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Russia is not the most eco aware country in the world. And one of the key problems here is battery recycling. Over 15 million batteries and accumulators are just thrown away every year in big cities like Moscow. And young people don’t even think about the problem, although just 1 battery can pollute more than 20 square meters of the ground with heavy metals.

It is known that young people are always looking for fun and great deals. So, Volkswagen and DDB Russia introduced a new type of eco-currency in Moscow and created The Think Machine - a vending machine, which doesn’t accept any banknotes or coins, but only accepts batteries as payment.

The Think Machine was installed in popular places in Moscow, such as Flacon - the biggest design center in Moscow.

It works in a simple way. You can buy great items from local community shops by putting the old batteries inside the machine, for example - a great eco t-shirt costs 6 batteries or you can buy a bottle of pure water for just 4 batteries, or an anti-stress ball for 2.

Only 1 machine collected over 8.000 batteries during the first month, while a regular collection point in Russia accumulates less than a thousand pieces a month.

Adam&EveDDB: McCain 'Real Teatimes'

Brand: McCain

Title(s): Real Teatimes

Agency: Adam&EveDDB

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest

Executive Creative Director: Ben Tollett, Emer Stamp, Richard Brim

Creative Director: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon

Art Director: Steve Wioland

Copywriter: Matt Woolner

Additional Credits: Planner: Nick Hirst

Media agency: PHD

Media planner: PHD

Production company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Neil Gorringe

Editor: James Rosen at Final Cut

Soundtrack name and composer: Thieving Magpie, Gioacchino Rossini

Illustrator: N.A

Post-production: MPC

Audio post-production: Jungle

Photographer: Emma Hardy

Photographer's agency: Creative Blood

Retouching company: Stanley’s

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: In a bold new approach to create standout and help mums reappraise the occasion McCain enlisted ten real families from across the UK to appear in the campaign. Unscripted, McCain captured the families in their own homes having tea to truly reflect the realness around the occasion.

From kids roller-skating around the kitchen, to dogs sat at the table, to dinner on the sofa and the oldest sibling stealing the last chip, the fly-on-the-wall concept brings to life the real everyday joys at teatime in all of their wonderful forms that are often overlooked when times are busy.

SomeOne: The Glenlivet 'Brand identity'

Brand: The Glenlivet

Title(s): Brand identity

Agency: SomeOne

Agency website:

Creative Director: David Law

Art Director: Tom Myers

Copywriter: David Law/Tom Myers

Illustrator: Christopher Wormell

Photographer: The Glenlivet

Additional Credits: SomeOne extended design team, Paul Ransom

Published: 2015

Short Rationale: The Glenlivet is the single-malt whisky that started it all, founded in 1824.

It is also the second biggest-selling single-malt whisky in the world and the biggest-selling single-malt in the USA.

‘Glenlivet' literally means ‘The Valley of the smooth-flowing one’ and refers to the River Livet which flows through the distillery estate and which is the water source for the whisky.

The previous thistle mark, which stood proud for more than fifty years, had reached an impasse. A thistle is synonymous with Scotland, but is also a cliché. Something more distinctive to The Glenlivet was needed to represent the brand and to be universally understood. The River Livet passes under an old smuggler’s packhorse bridge as it flows through The Glenlivet estate.

To help bring this vision to life SomeOne worked with long-time collaborator and master craftsman Christopher Wormell. By crafting the signifier in linocut, Christopher was not only able to add that vital handcrafted touch, but also made it robust and detailed enough for modern application.

Alongside the new signifier, the wider brand identity of the Glenlivet was also considered.

SomeOne refreshed this two-hundred-year old brand and give one of the most renowned names in whisky a strong, confident new look. Gone are the additions, decorations and adornments from previous iterations. Central to the new identity is simplicity, colour and form. The roll-out of the identity has just begun, with the brand being refreshed over the coming months.

BrandOpus: Twinings 'Classic Blends and Earl Grey redesign'

Brand: Twinings

Title(s): Classic Blends and Earl Grey redesign

Agency: BrandOpus

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Paul Taylor

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: BrandOpus has worked with long-term client Twinings to redesign their range of classic blends and Earl Greys, as the brand continues to win by engaging consumers with its premium teas for every day.

The brief to BrandOpus was to reignite people’s passion for quality and great taste by helping to understand why better matters for every day teas through a visually more approachable, relevant and modern brand presentation.

Following the redesign, English Afternoon and English Strong Breakfast join favourites such as English Breakfast in the classic blends range, which now feature bright and fluid illustrations incorporating icons that depict everyday activities, to overall deliver a much more relevant proposition.

Across the Earl Grey and Lady Grey packs, BrandOpus make reference to the quirky nature of the teas through tea-party inspired illustrations, and a distinctive grey colour to differentiate the range.

BBDO Melbourne: Transport Accident Commission (TAC) ‘Strings’

Brand: Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Title: Strings

Agency: BBDO Melbourne

Agency Website:

Senior Art Director: Luke Thompson –Jim Robbins – Senior Copywriter

Creative Chairman: James McGrath

Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh

Creative Director: Stephen de Wolf

Print Producer: Sharon Adams

Executive Producer – TV: Sonia Von Bibra

Senior Agency Producer – TV: Karolina Bozajkovska

Retoucher: Steve Pratt

Planner : Matt Pearce

Additional credits: Managing Partner: Lee Simpson

Group Account Director: Naomi Gorringe

Senior Account Manager: Kate Joiner

Account Executive: Patrick Nally

Director (Repped by Blink): Tomas Mankovsky

Producer:Camilla Dehnert

Designer: Lucinda Thompson

DOP/Cinematographer: Geoffrey Simpson

Editor (Method): Elodie Fouqueau

Flame Artist (Glassworks): Duncan Horn

Music Composer/Arranger: Theodore Vidgen

Photographer (Match Photography): Stephen Boniface

Post Production Company: Method Studio/Glassworks

Production Company: Finch / Blink (Co Production)

Sound Designer/Engineer: Paul Le Coutier

Flagstaff: Sound House

Special/Visual Effects:Glassworks

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (Optional): The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have launched a new campaign emphasizing a simple fact: How a parent drives now can strongly influence how their children drive later.

Titled ‘Strings’, the campaign is based on research, which shows that children start taking in their parents’ driving behaviours at an earlier age than most people would expect.

This campaign marks a different approach for TAC, as ‘Strings’ does not depict a car accident or even use actual cars. Instead, characters are portrayed on a dark stage, with puppet strings representing the influence a parent has over their child’s future driving behaviour.

The campaign includes TV, OOH, print, digital, social and radio.

Leo Burnett Sydney: WWF Australia 'Just'

Brand: WWF Australia

Title(s): Just

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo

Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana, Grant McAloon

Art Director/Designer: Bruno Nakano

Copywriter: Bjoern Igenleuf

Additional Credits: Digital Designer: Jannifer Wong

Digital Developer: Keong Seet

Finished Artist: Nancy Yonathan

Editor: Edwards Copestick

Integrated Producer: Cassie Collin

Group Business Director: Belinda Drew

Business Director: Samuel MacDonnell

Senior Business Manager: Natasha Floyer

Strategic Planner: Nicky Bryson

PR Director: Sophie Walton

Social Director: Vanessa Muller

Rapid Films: Director: Craig Rasmus

Producer: Rita Gagliardi

Yipeekiyay: Co-Director: Simon Ingerson

Sydney Allen Printers: Dean Slater

WWF: Marketing and Engagement Director: Cristel Lee Leed

National Manager – Brand, Marketing and Innovation: Marni Ryan

National Manager Communications: Phil Freeman

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: WWF-Australia has launched just, an initiative that shows how simple it is to make small changes that help make a difference for the planet – ‘just’ by replacing mass-produced and often wastefully-packaged household products with simple and natural alternatives.

Created in collaboration with Leo Burnett Sydney the just range of alternatives feature natural ingredients packaged in earth-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials. The campaign highlights how a host of environmentally friendly and sustainable items such as lemons, grapefruit, honey, mint, ginger and vinegar can be used to substitute many household cleaning and beauty products we use every day.

The just range will be available at selected locations throughout April. The cost? A simple social currency exchange – people can pick up just in return for sharing their experience on social media and using the hashtag #JustNatural to encourage more people to make small changes that can help create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

A dedicated website,, features engaging ‘how to’ demonstration videos and encourages people to share their own ideas for additional just sustainable alternatives through social media.

In addition, specially designed outdoor interactive billboards with live just dispensers will roam Sydney, distributing the natural everyday alternatives.

BEING France: Jameson 'French campaign'

Brand: Jameson

Title(s): French campaign

Agency: BEING France

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie

Creative Director: Thierry Buriez

Art Director: Nicolas Comastri

Copywriter: Jérémy Jamet

Art buyer: Jonas Texier

Photographer: Vincent Dixon

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Jameson Irish Whiskey has worked with BEING France on campaign, which highlights the brand's pride in its Dublin roots. This print campaign was specially crafted for the French market to comply with the very strict French laws regarding alcohol advertising.

Shot by Irish photographer Vincent Dixon in the streets of Dublin, this new outdoor and press campaign is composed of three different visuals that proclaim the very urban origins of the brand, moving away from cliches of green countrysides traditionally attached to Irish Whiskey advertising.

Creature London and ACNE: The Green Party 'Change the Tune'

Brand: The Green Party

Title: Change the Tune

Agency: Creature London and ACNE

Agency website:

Creative Directors: Stu Outhwaite, Ben Middleton, Ed Warren

Creative: James Mitchell

Strategist: James Mitchell

Agency producer: Madeline Smith

Account team: Dan Shute, Katrina Ellis

Director: Johnny Hopkins

DOP: Denzil Armour-Brown

Production company: ACNE

Producer: Barty Dearden

EP: Ben Clark

Additional credits: Music Company: Eclectic

Composer - Colin Smith

Post House: Unit

Post Producer: Ross Culligan

Colourist: Simon Astbury

2d: Rich Greenwood, George Rockliffe, Vicki Gordon

Audio Post Production: Factory, Dan Beckwith

Editing: Marshall Street

Editor: Gary Forrester

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Created by Creature London and Directed by ACNE’s award winning comedy director, Johnny Hopkins, the Green Party’s political broadcast music video sees comedians playing David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage the one-time boy band ‘Coalition’ singing in harmony together.

Southpaw: Charles Wells 'Charlie Wells Branding'

Brand: Charles Wells

Title(s): Charlie Wells Branding

Headline and copy text (in English): Southpaw has created a contemporary and impactful brand image for Charlie Wells - a forward thinking brand umbrella for Charles Wells Brewery’s new range of contemporary beers.

Agency: Southpaw, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Craig Roderick

Art Director: Kamran Akram

Copywriter: Ethan Lott

Illustrator: Craig Hellings

Photographer: Kamran Akram

Additional credits: Jo Cornford, Account Director. Katie Salt, Account Manager

Published: March 2015

Short rationale (optional): Southpaw are pleased to present the new brand design for Charlie Wells – the first product launch from Charles Wells Brewery’s new range of contemporary beers.

Based on research, insights and 139 years of brand history and heritage, the marketing communications agency has created an exciting and compelling proposition for the new Charlie Wells range, which celebrates the spirited pioneer’s character and brings the brand to life.

The new brand provides a platform to host new and exciting beers in the Charles Wells range and the Charlie Wells character will form the brief for all future Charlie Wells beers, ensuring that each new product in this range has an innovate twist to it and further tells the story of Charlie Wells with strong links back to his experience and travels.

BETC Paris: La Roche-Posay 'Become a skin checker'

Brand: La Roche-Posay

Title(s): Become a skin checker

Agency: BETC Paris

Agency website:

Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras

Art Director: Jean-Michel Alirol

Copywriter: Dominique Marchand

Additional Credits: Strategic Planner: Elisabeth Jamot

Account Executive: Clément Roumegous

TV Producer: Sébastien Lintingre

Production House: Passion Paris

Sound Director: Schmooze

Director: Owen Trevor

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: For years, public bodies and charitable organisations have been fighting to prevent skin cancer; considering the fact that the condition has a 90% recovery rate in cases where it is caught in time, early detection is a crucial factor in beating the disease.

As a result, La Roche-Posay has declared its ambition to renew interest in the issue by creating a global movement whose aim is to put the general public on the front lines of cancer prevention.

La Roche-Posay's “Become a Skin Checker” is a viral awareness campaign made up of a video that leads the viewer to the Skin Checker platform, hosted on La Roche-Posay's local websites where you find the method, tests to see if your skin type is in the risk zone and related information.

The project is based on the strategic insight that: "People are more likely to worry about the health of their loved ones than their own". This comes across in a very cute way in the charming video that takes a step away from the alarming, scare type of messaging that usually surrounds the topic. Created by BETC Paris, it features Dalmatians – checking each other’s spots.

La Roche-Posay's “Become a Skin Checker” is a viral awareness campaign made up of a video that leads the viewer to the Skin Checker platform, hosted on La Roche-Posay's local websites where you find the method, tests to see if your skin type is in the risk zone and related information.

The project is based on the strategic insight that: "People are more likely to worry about the health of their loved ones than their own". This comes across in a very cute way in the charming video that takes a step away from the alarming, scare type of messaging that usually surrounds the topic. Created by BETC Paris, it features Dalmatians – checking each other’s spots.

The campaign that first was rolled out in Australia is now being launched on the local platforms in France, the UK and the US.

The Lane Agency: The Borders Railway 'Train carriage livery design'

Brand: The Borders Railway

Title(s): Train carriage livery design

Agency: The Lane Agency, Edinburgh, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ricky Stevens

Art Director: Ricky Stevens

Copywriter: David Reid

Illustrator: Will Beeslaar

Photographer: Stuart Nicol & Donald Stirling

Additional credits: Managing Director: Ali Findlay

Account Director: Simon Bergenroth

Production Manager: Bill White

Artwork: Rob Badura, Kay Cochrane

Published: March 2015

Short rationale (optional): The Lane’s aspiration was to art direct a continuous scene essentially creating artwork on wheels that would bring a smile to the face, prompt passengers and onlookers to photograph and share on social media channels and most importantly inspire rail travel to the newly connected locations.

The outcome resulted in an imaginative piece of illustration and artwork designed to catch the eye of train-loving kids and rail enthusiasts, featuring illustrations of Edinburgh Zoo’s beloved pandas, Midlothian’s famous and historic Rosslyn Chapel and stunning scenery from the Scottish Borders.

Mcgarrybowen: Weedol 'I’m weeding right now'

Brand: Weedol

Title(s): I’m weeding right now

Agency: Mcgarrybowen

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Paul Jordan, Angus Macadam

Writer/Art Director: Remco Graham, Richard Holmes

Additional Credits: Agency producer: Abbi Tarrant.

Production company (US): Dummy films.

Exec producer: Eric Liney.

Production company (UK): Outsider

Exec Producer: Richard Packer

Post production: The Mill

Sound: Aaron Reynolds@Wave

Account Director: Sarah Hesz

Account Manager: Jamie McConville

Account Planner: Nicole Kirkland

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Mcgarrybowen has created a new TV commercial for Weedol Pathclear to raise the profile of the brand at the start of the gardening season.

The spot dramatises how Weedol Pathclear can keep weeds at bay for three months. It features a man who lets us know that he is still killing weeds while undertaking a series of incongruous activities that include playing table tennis, painting a picture and spray tanning a Russian bodybuilder.

Publicis Italia: Heineken 'The Dream Island'

Brand: Heineken

Title: The Dream Island

Agency: Publicis Italia

Agency Website:

Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini

Associative Creative Director / Copywriter: Michele Picci

Creative Supervisor / Art Director: Marco Viganò

Copywriter: Daniele Papa

Additional Credits: Digital Creative Director: Massimo Guerci

Graphic Designers: Giorgio Luchetti, Santi Urso

Account Director: Giada Salerno

Project Manager: Vittorio Cafiero

Strategic Planner: Bela Ziemann

Agency Producer: Giulia Atzori

Heineken Communication Manager Global Commerce: Dario Gargiulo

House of production: Filmmaster Productions

Director: Cecilia Verheyden

Executive Producer & CEO: Ada Bonvini

Producer: Lilli Auteri

Director’s Producer: Tatiana Pierre

Music: The Prize by audiotheque

Event Management Agency: Venticento

CEO Venticento: Antonio Lazzaro

Marketing & Communications Manager Venticento: Gabriella Lazzaro

Account Manager Edelman London: Emily Favret

Associate Director Edelman London: Danielle Heximer

Global Sr. Account Executive SMG London: Juliette Hoijtink

Global Account Manager SMG London: Renee Lee

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (optional): Heineken has launched a new film titled Dream Island which follows six consumers from around the world fulfilling abandoned dreams as the drinks maker looks to build on previous adventure style initiatives.

The campaign, produced by global creative agency, Publicis Italy, follows Heineken’s previous travel experiments Dropped and Departure Roulette, and shows the consumers as they arrive at what they believe to be a week-long holiday in Thailand.

However, the three couples are then each given the opportunity to carry out a dream they have abandoned, such as travelling the world on a sail boat or building a beach bar on a remote island.

Le chocolat des Français (in-house): Le chocolat des Français 'Brand identity'

Brand: Le chocolat des Français

Title: Brand identity

Agency: Le chocolat des Français (in-house)

Creative directors: Paul-Henri Masson & Matthieu Escande

Art director: Paul-Henri Masson

Illustrators: Edith Carron, Marie Assénat, Broll & Prascida, Serge Bloch, Soba, Gaston de Lapoyade, Maud Begon, Jean André, Clea LALA, Laurene Boglio, Laura Junger, Amélie Wagner, Steffie Brocoli, Laureline Galliot, Ludovic Faledam, Stéphane Maupin, Marc Socié, Jean-Christophe Valleran, Emmma Valleran, Gael Davrinche, Mlle Forma, Arthur de Pins, Jul, Matthieu Laroussinie, Guillaume Chauchat, Jennifer Bongibault, Simon Bournel, Mr Walter, Julia Spiers, Remi Wyart, Miss Bean, Victor Hussenot, Yasmine Gateau, Quentin Williaume, Julien Cheng, Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Pascal lemaitre, Madeline Peirsman, Alexandre Doucin

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale (optional): French confectionary maker Le chocolat des Français, commissioned fifty French artists to create the brand identity for their flagship line of chocolate bars.

The playful packaging features a range of illustrations designed to evoke France itself.

Grey Spain: FEBE (Spanish Spirits Beverages Association) 'Be Yourself'

Brand: FEBE (Spanish Spirits Beverages Association)

Title(s): Be Yourself

Agency: Grey Spain

Agency website:

Creative Team: Antonio Montero, Enric Nel-lo, Javier García Monserrat, Tontcho Ponsoda, Nuño Martín, Andrés Alcázar, Guillermo Contada, María Salomón

Additional Credits: Production: Carmen Orbe, Jose Coloma

Film Company: Sal Gorda

Film director: Luis Germanó

Sound studio: Rayden

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: 'Be yourself' is a consciousness raising campaign to push back the age that young people start drinking alcohol in Spain, which is a big problem so young people start drinking at 13,7 years old.

As young people use to reject adults advices, to reach minors we change the message, the tone and the medium associating it to urban and pop culture.

After talking to parents and teachers we created some lyrics with 100 reasons for not to drink alcohol, which we gave to Rayden, a young rapper, to set them to music.

DAN\Paris, France: OPI 'Story of a Drop'

Brand: OPI

Title: Story of a Drop

Agency: DAN\Paris, France

Agency Website:

Creative directors: Franck Botbol, Hugues Cholez, Nathalie Huni

Concept / Copywriter: Glen Troadec

Art directors: Nicolas Cremmydas, Nicolas Barres

Producer: Christophe Courty

Photographers: Baptiste Massé, Mécanique Générale

Producers: Justine Myard-Guidi, Mathieu Gauchée

Chief technology officer: Ivan Zindovic

Lead developer: Sidney Bourgallé

Music production: Benoît Dunaigre\Else

Published: March 2015

Short Rationale (optional): OPI has assigned letters to its different shades of nail polish to create a code as part of a new campaign.

As well as press and digital work that is running globally, DAN\Paris has also created an app which gives users a chance to speak, read and write in full Technicolor. With animated billboards, a multi-channel international campaign and distribution via the App Store and Google Play, over 77 countries got the message.

FCB Inferno: Grant’s 'TV sponsorship with Sky Sports'

Brand: Grant’s

Title(s): TV sponsorship with Sky Sports

Agency: FCB inferno

Agency website:

Chief Creative Officer: Al Young

Published: April 2015

Short Rationale: Grant’s has launched a £1.2 million TV sponsorship with Sky Sports; this includes both TV and online sponsorship and traffic drivers for each of Sky Sports’ UEFA Euro 2016 qualifier matches.

The cross platform package was planned by The Village Communications, with all creative by FCB Inferno. Idents will be visible across all live and repeated European qualification games on Sky Sports 5, Sky Pub Sports,, Sky Go and Sky On Demand, as well as Grant’s social media channels which are run by FCB Inferno.


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